What Now! Part 5

Be Realistic With The Budget

 There is always a sticker shock that comes with the cost of purchase and implementation of an Erp system. In a mid-sized company the true cost of implementation for an ERP software package will start at 70% of the cost of the software and could be as much as 300%. This variation is a result of the variety and complexity of business models and serves to highlight the value in knowing your vendor’s capabilities and your internal capabilities.


You have done your due diligence, researched your vendor, analyzed your processes and set you goals. That should show you the value in an Erp system but sometimes that value is not always affordable, we all have a King’s dreams but we don’t all have a King’s budget. That is why we suggested you list the features as “wants and needs” so you can plan for a staged approach and implement what you need then, budget and phase in what you want.

You are attempting to make your business operate more efficiently and effectively and give yourself the capability to do more with less. Your bottom line will improve and the return on your investment will be realized if you have planned for it. In the end that is exactly what Erp is, an investment in your organization.