1 Male left CKC registered You may make additional payments while you wait using any of the above payment methods. Clooney was just a year old when his sire, McConaughey, passed away. Miniatures are a bit of a wait (especially for females, as less were born in each litter the last year or so, and more people on the reservation list are reserved for a female only), with only the 3 dams. Jillian is her dam and Jake is her sire. Flying a pup: Scroll up for Air Transportation information. 1 red male. pups too (very light to medium red ticking). Adorable, friendly puppy that has exposure to livestock and kids. Facebook /Dog-Breeder/Blue Heeler of Texas, Manvel is a city inBrazoria County,Texas, (20 Minutes south of Houston), 2022 by Blue Heeler of Texas. This Premium Listing has a high priority placement,appearing above all basic verified and non-verified ads. post. A Senseney puppy by Banditpick me please! If you get our voice-mail please leave a message. Phone . With an eye for pedigree and knack for care, Louisiana Heelers offers 1-2 litters of puppies per year. FREE. The white heeler is a rare color of heeler and Pfeiffer threw a few in her litters but there was NO WAY TO KNOW WHICH PUP would be white, if any (or cream), SINCE ALL PUPS ARE BORN WHITE..they normally get color at about 3 weeks of age. -your call to the Vet is to give them payment for the exam, AND shipping information required by the airline for the Health Certificate (I will pick up the Health certificate when the Vet has it ready). Thank you! I then begin to contact folks as soon as all the puppies have arrived with photos and info. -(A tail and dew claws can remain untouched if I have added your information to our Notification List with specific instructions about tails and claws. also just threw three very light/white/cream pups in her August, 2021 litter. AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! Australian Cattle Dogs come in two main distinct coat colors: red and blue, which is why these dogs are often referred to as red heelers and blue heelers. Rest assured, I go in order of reservationalways, and offer pups to those first in line and reserved the longest (if a pup in the litter fits their request). 2) When you see a puppy you like please call Heather at 860-608-8731; we will begin taking deposits on puppies starting at 9am. no favorites. She throws traditional blue pups with tan. Barrett, is a red miniature, and is 93% heeler (also a Ballerini x Clooney daughter) . Adorable and friendly male puppy that has exposure to livestock and kids. Average Life Span: 12 - 15 years. He is an Australian Stumpy Tail heeler- blue with tan markings, and was born with a stumpy tail. Meet Mabel. **If I have already accepted a deposit from you, our agreement stands, and this new system will not apply. Ballerini (same line as Pfeiffer), also just threw three very light/white/cream pups in her August, 2021 litter. This member has successfully passedidentity verification by a third party provider, This member has successfully passedphone verification by a third party provider, This member is an owner of a verified PayPal account. For a standard size: I have been getting to the interested list on a few pups (e.g., not every pup fits what those on the reserved list are waiting forsuch as gender, color, markings, tail, etc., and/or not everyone is ready for a pup when contacted (e.g., illness, vacation, new baby, moving, etc. They will be eating dry Purina Puppy Chow from about 3 weeks of age; offered free-choice, after whelping, to dam and pups, I send pictures at birth, at about 10 days old (when eyes have opened), and about once a week after that, so. First shots, wormed, & tails docked. You may simply email me and be on a waiting list of folks who are interested, You will then be notified first (after reservations are exhausted) when a pup is available that does not fit, those reserved (before the pup is posted on this site for sale to the public). Male. Full blooded blue and red heeler puppies born 4/28/212 white ones with lite red on their ears . Cattle Dog / Heeler Puppies - $400 (East Stroudsburg) Blue Heeler / Texas Heeler Puppies! I will drive your pup to the Vet for the exam and secure the H, and then to the Airport for you (55 minute drive, Airport, each way, and 15 minutes to the Vet, each way), usually at about 3 am (for the airportth, ey need the pup there 2 hours before the flight leaves, -a medium kennel (pup must be able to stand and turn around without tou, ching the sides or the top of the airline approved carrier), and feed/water dish is required by the airline and I can get that for you. The Good News isWe were fortunate enough, to get McConaughey from a litter that Bandit fathered about 2 weeks before he died, out of a really nice red female heeler that had been mated to him weeks earlier. Pets and Animals Meridian 300 $ View pictures Max Australian Cattle Dog Adult Male Max's story Max is a 5 yr. old, very handsome Red Heeler mix that was given to us by his owners who could no longer. in case I have a pup available at some point that doesn't fit anyone who is reserved. It may be that this breed is rare and there aren't any currently available.Try some of the other related breeds listed below. Blue Heeler of Texas is a celebrated dog Breeder located in Manvel, Texas (20 minuets south of Houston). after having many litters of pups for us over the years. (how many red, blue, etc. $500. The welfare of our dogs and the litters we raise are our top priority. Standard heelers usually weigh between 40-50 pounds or so, but her pups have ranged from about 17-35 pounds so far, Stefani (see her bio/pictures below), a Ballerini x Clooney daughter, will throw pups that are just under 97%. Note: If you are flexible on size/gender, and are paying in full fly at 8 weeks old after Vet Exam, and requires Airline approved kennel, bowls, bedding, water, food, paperwork (Health certificate), transport to the airport (1 hour each way) and the Vet on my end (15 minutes each way), which I can, all of thisright now anyway, except for the actual flight/Vet cost. Address 2033 CR 4322 Avery, TX 75554. Monroe - chocolate/blue stumpy tail heeler (red and blue*/chocolate pups-some without tails). Hire AKC PuppyVisor to guide you through the puppy finding journey. - Our Texas Heeler puppies are bred from Purebred sires and dams. I will notify you when puppies are born and if any are available. Has exposure to livestock and kids. 3 talking about this. Call for a showing. Clooney and Trixi Soaking up the sun after a big rain, A little bowl of Trix-i, by Clooney above and below (Trixi is now deceased), (againthe white fills in with blue or red "ticking"), this litter had reds and blues, and more body spots than usual, Blue female-Australian Stumpy Tail Heeler. austin. no hidden. . They were born Nov. 28th. Shy, adorable male. for sale. USA No way to know at birth which pups will be light like her, and which will be a more typical darker blue, or which will end up with tan markings, or look like a chocolate color or ? old. Ready to rehome. Box 312256 New Braunfels, Tx 78130. Leash/crate trained. *She throws reds, and some blues without the tan and some with the tan, She should be back in heat late February/early March, 2023. We strive to breed the best Blue Heelers we can, educate their new owners and ensure these precious puppies get the love, care and attention they deserve. . Our male, Shelton Blue , is the sire of both our standard and miniature pups. Note: If you are flexible on size/gender, and are paying in fullpay the lower price (male/standard), and we can settle up any balance owed if you end up with. I kept her tail. that you are flexible on size/gender on your reservation. ------. This is Bingoan all white pup from Pfeiffer's first litter. Note: The white fills in with blue (or red) ticking at about 3 weeks of age. You'll be asked to provide information about yourself and what you are looking for so the breeder can help you find the right match. They will be USA Aniston's pups after going to their homes: Most have spots and always have some tan paws/muzzle/ears/butterfly on chest. Pets and Animals Amarillo Adopt Rodolfo a Black Blue Heeler / Mixed dog in Edinburg, TX . She was bred on her last heatand is now showing! Original Cattle Dogs and Queensland Heelers are both used for breeding Texas Heelers. We will return calls in the order we receive them. All Rights Reserved. ADN-563718. WEBSITE DESIGN BY RANCH HOUSE DESIGNS, INC. She breeds to Shelton Blue, She is now back in heat for pups first week in May, 2023. Mother is blue heeler -- LITTER BORN JULY 16TH 2014 !! 8) On your pickup date please be sure to bring the remaining balance in Cash when you come. Pup must be 8 weeks old to fly, and cannot fly in extreme cold/or heat. My family has raised and owned standard Heelers for many years, but having a kiddo who was afraid of big dogs, started me on the hunt to find something that would be a perfect fit for our family. no favorites. Color. She is in heat now (Feb 18)breeding to, She is now back in heat for pups first week in, , and some blues without the tan and some with the tan. or use the paypal buttons set up (below) on this page. Just a lil bit comfywe weighed McConaughey in November of 2014 and he weighed 80 pounds! DIVA IS DUAL REGISTERED, AKC AND CKC REGISTERED, SHE IS A VERY RARE TRI AKC & & CKC REGISTERED. If the date isn't as recent as you would like, it is because there is no change to post on the site. for all-includes airline approved/required kennel, feed/water dish for air travel, blanket, absorbent padding, baggie of food, water bottle and health certificate/paperwork). These aren't show dogs. Every litter is unique and different so times for outdoor living and food introduction may vary slightly. If they are ok with a white one, the pup is theirsif they would rather have a blue/red pup, they will move to the next blue pup available in the. Red Heeler Puppies Texas Red Heelers Australian Cattle Dogs. las cruces. A pup from Sierra x Shelton Blue, at home, just a week after pick up. to get what you have asked for depending upon how many are reserved ahead of you. Some of the remaining puppies will have their tails docked and dew claws removed. for sale. Proudly created with Wix.com. Please upgrade your browser. *Try Delta Airlines or United first as they have worked well in the past. Please note that you do not have to reserve (i.e., pay a deposit). Dog Group: Miscellaneous (Hybrid) Size: 17-22 inches tall, 25-50 lbs. Pups will be dewormed (at about 3 weeks and 6 weeks of age) and have their first puppy shot at pickup. I come across an older heeler pup, or grown heeler that is in need of a good home. You can specify your interest in one, or specify you do not want tan markings, and I can try to work that out but there is no guaranteeyou can always back out of a pup you have tentatively chosen, and wait for the next litter at any time before pickup day.