The Seminoles also welcomed runaway enslaved people from the plantations of Georgia, South Carolina, and later Florida into their tribe, which drew the attention and hostility of American slaveholders and the US Army. When he was a child, they migrated to Florida with other Red Stick refugees, led by a relative, Peter McQueen,[1] after their group's defeat in 1814 in the Creek Wars. Powell was believed to have ancestors from all of these groups. I know Os Se YOHOLO is enrolled on the Talisi Tribal Town Rolls of 1832 as number 161. Smithsonian American Art Museum. [4]:135 The United States first imprisoned him at Fort Marion in St. Augustine, then transported him to Fort Moultrie in Charleston, South Carolina. On the route they split- Powell did not want to go to FL, so he left with his 2 daughters (Maurnee and Hepsy) from a previous marriage, wife #1 (Hepsy Homarty was daughter of Powells 3rd family, half sister of Osceola). In late October 1837, Osceola contacted General Joseph Hernandez, through a black interpreter named John Cavallo (also John Horse), to arrange negotiations about ceasing hostilities. Ben, I have a cousin on, Timothy Powell, who is a direct descendant of James Powell (William Powells brother). They were the parents of at least 1 son and 1 daughter. 1815, died 1884} (a mulatto Creek Indian) from Charleston, South Carolina who was married (although not allowed by law in S.C) to Thomas Lowndes Wragg, who was a prominent commercial trader on the wharfs of Charleston, Osceola had been captured and was taken to Charleston, S.C. where he was imprisoned at Fort Moultrie on Sullivans Island. James and Katherine also had Anne McQueen who married Don Jose Coppinger, the last Florida Governor appointed by Spain. Seminole Tribe. and about what is knowed in my family is that we do have native American Indian as well as French Creole. Later, Weedon gave the head to his son-in-law Daniel Whitehurst. Ouichee and Ahlikchen. (neither was the father of Nathan Grover Rhoden B. @ thank you. Osceola (1804 - January 30, 1838, Asi-yahola in Creek), named Billy Powell at birth in Alabama, became an influential leader of the Seminole people in Florida. Then he visited relatives in Northern Alabama where he met and married Missouri Powell, Osceolas sister. My family is on that site as to our DNA results. 16 The 1832 Treaty of Paynes Landing called for the Seminoles to move west of the Mississippi and settle on the Creek reservation. Greene- unreliable source, based on online family trees. Create a free website or blog at Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. What is Peokas Christian name? She is buried in Rowan Memorial Park Cemetery in Salisbury, NC. The army was unable to defeat Osceola in the field, so General Thomas Jesup used other means to capture him. His mother was Polly Coppinger and father William Powell. [4]:172 Weedon kept the head for himself, as well as other objects belonging to Osceola, including a brass pipe and a silver concho. Osceola, the most well-known leader of the Seminole Indians, was born in 1804, in a Creek town near Tallassee, present-day Tuskegee, Alabama. Andrew Jackson defeated the Red Sticks, 77 survivors headed to the swamps SP #1 (may be):+Checartha Yargee Son Of Big Warrior b. Media in category "Osceola" The following 20 files are in this category, out of 20 total. When I told him, Billy Powell he relayed a brief history of Osceola. George Catlin and other prominent painters met the war chief and persuaded him to allow his picture to be painted. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. CORRECT if Osceola LINK is correct (Doubtful) CHILD: Rachel Rhoden 1840-1929 w 8 kids no known fathers POLLY Ann (Coppinger) Powell 1769/71 The process of relocating native peoples to territories as far west as Oklahoma was favored by the American government, especially General Andrew Jackson.In the years following initial resistance to relocation, including the First Seminole War, 1817-1818, Osceola became an outspoken advocate for Seminole rights. Osceola's mother was Muscogee, and his great-grandfather was a Scotsman, James McQueen. The Rising Sun, or Osceola was a great warrior who gained popularity and leadership . He was buried in 1811 at the Indian cemetery in Franklin, Alabama, near a Methodist missionary church for the Muscogee. In 1800 John Canaday (Osceolas brother in law) traveled up the St. Marys River and built a cabin near what is now Moniac. Osceolas grave marker says, Osceola, Patriot and Warrior, died at Fort Moultrie, January 30, 1838., State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,,,,,, wonder if we are related I was told he is my great grand uncle as well When he was a child, they migrated to Florida with other Red Stick refugees, led by a . View full article. His grandmother was Ann McQueen, grandfather Jose Coppinger. In contrast to the widespread view that there are no Indians in Georgia, family folklore among these descendants suggests that some Indian people stayed in the Okefenokee area, hiding their heritage and intermarrying with early European American settlers.. 4. 1814: POLLY Ann (Coppinger) Powell 1769/71 and WILLIAM POWELL were But there is no information that is connected to her as to who her parent or parents were. In death, the boy born in Alabama as Billy Powell . My name is Nancy E. Renfrow. As a child, Osceola went by the name Billy Powell, but later he fully embraced the identity of his adopted tribe, the Seminoles of Florida. His skill as a speaker, prowess in battle, and staunch opposition to removal, led him to becoming a prominent warrior, and he often acted as a spokesmen for Abiaka. Owen Edwards His mother was part Muscogee and part Caucasian. Putting his beliefs into action, he gathered fellow Seminoles in opposition against forced removal during the Second Seminole War, 1835-1842, willing to go against both whites and other natives who cooperated with whites. 2. Simultaneously, Micanopy and a large band of Seminole warriors ambushed troops under the command of Major Francis Dade south of Fort King on the road to Fort Brooke (later Tampa). Today, his renown lives on in various place names, including Osceola counties in several states and the Osceola National Forest in Florida. Osceola was named Billy Powell at birth in 1804 in the Creek village of Talisi, now known as Tallassee, Alabama, in current Elmore County. Native American Haplogroup Origins and AncestralOrigins, James Whitehurst, Indian, Princess Anne County,VA, Eugenics as Indian Removal: Sociohistorical Processes and the De(con)struction of American Indians in theSoutheast, 1837 Treaty with the Choctaw andChickasaw. If anyone has a better possibility, add it below. Later Weedon removed Osceolas head and embalmed it. Im trying to get info about my lineSari Missouri is Osceolas Sister and daughter of Polly as well. Passed after strenuous debate in Congress (Representative David Crockett of Tennessee opposed it), the act mandated exchange of tribal lands in the South for territory west of the Mississippi River. SP #1 (may be): Checartha Yargee Son Of Big Warrior b. Known throughout his youth as Billy Powell, Osceola's early life remains relatively obscure. wives (2) each had 1 child who arrived at Fort Mellon Nov 1837 with him: In late December 1837, Osceola, Micanopy, Philip and about 200 Seminoles embarked from St. Augustine for Fort Moultrie on Sullivans Island, outside Charleston, South Carolina. Known throughout his youth as Billy Powell, Osceola's early life remains relatively obscure. But, the most common interpretation of Osceola means the "Rising Sun". 3. His mother raised him as a Creek by custom under the . Facebook gives people. These Creek Wars influenced the move of Osceolas tribe further south, into an area between the St. Marks and Suwannee rivers in northern Florida.This movement of tribes was common as white settlement and subsequent disputes forced many natives southward from South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes. (Bk SOURCE below. About Billy Powell (Chief Osceola) Osceola, the most well-known leader of the Seminole Indians, was born in 1804, in a Creek town near Tallassee, present-day Tuskegee, Alabama. By 1885, the death mask and some of Osceola's belongings were being held in the anthropology collection of the Smithsonian Institution. As soon as he finished dressing, he died.. [10][4]:58, Through the 1820s and the turn of the decade, American settlers continued pressuring the US government to remove the Seminole from Florida to make way for their desired agricultural development. SOURCE: James J Rhoden ( Find the perfect seminole tribal stock photo, image, vector, illustration or 360 image. would love the book. This is an anglicized form of the Creek Asi-yahola, the combination of asi, the ceremonial black drink made from the yaupon holly, and yahola, meaning shout or shouter. His brother, Luther Frank Powell passed away in the early 1990s and Polly a few years later. If there is something out there that can help me with confirming connections it would he helpful. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Osceola and the Great Seminole War: A Struggle for Justice and Freedom at the best online prices at eBay! Many Seminole chiefs refused to sign the treaty, leading to the outbreak of the Second Seminole War and Osceolas fame. What information does the family believe? Osceola claimed this and that he was Tuhkabatchee. Hope to meet you all some day! My great grandmothers name was Ola Ellington from Dothan, Houston County, Alabama. I have found many names for My 4x Great Grandmother, wives of Osceola Billy Powell. Big Warrior George Washington Cornells Aka Tustenuggee Thloco Cornell and, SP # 2: WILLIAM Powell 1761-1830, Little Trader (oldest of 8 kids of James & Also Powell) m. in Seminole Co., GA (SW GA near Jackson Co., FL and Houston Co, AL) OR 1778-1852 findagrave, Their KIDS:(3 + Williams 2): When Micco Osceola 'Billy Powell' Nikkanochee was born in 1804, in Talasse, Macon, Alabama, United States, his father, John William Powell, was 39 and his mother, Polly Ann Moniac Coppinger, was 35. SP #3: 1798-ab 1855 another Creek Indian, name unkn. of THE OKEFENOKEE. With them, he had a total of at least five children. The Shawnee connection- Tecumseh, Great Shawnee leader, had a Creek mother, was considered Creek since the Creeks went by the mother.s line. We made it by going to London,England for a time and came back. Or is that sentence purposely ignoring the generational increment? Her name is Lousanna Harjo. Unworthy Republic: The Dispossession of Native Americans and the Road to Indian Territory. Created in 1887, Osceola County is a 1,506 square mile area that serves as the south/central boundary of the Central Florida greater metropolitan area. Osceola (1804 - January 30, 1838, Asi-yahola in Creek), named Billy Powell at birth in Alabama, became an influential leader of the Seminole people in Florida. If you were to add your DNA results to Ancestry, hopefully, Tim Powell would show up as a match as a cousin of some sort. Geni requires JavaScript! She grew up in Fair Bluff, NC. Peoka m. 1834 CHILD: John Wesley Powell. These nearly simultaneous attacks catalyzed the Second Seminole War with the United States. 6 Jan 1872 Gaineyville (St. George), GA -D 18 Jul 1946 Baxter, FL My line His father-unknown/death certificate. My family hid the record of her birth-parents, and I know nothing about them except that her mother or father was likely a fieldhand in North Carolina. But I havent found anything that confirms who Kathrine is really. I was told it was out of production. this i find to be really some thing as to why well in my family we have 5 William Powells in on of my family trees that well i have looked up genealogy on. He married Che Cho La Morning Dew Stafney Thompson about 1827, in Alabama, United States. Polly was with him also but she is not listed as his mother. (LogOut/ Thank you very much. Osceola County derives its name from Billy Powell, Osceola County is a county rich in history and life. The connection does not seem to fit for Rachel Rhoden, b 1845,GA- apparently had 7 or 8 children without being married. for 10 years but can not find a paper trail to back it up.l had given up on it when my. [9] Lt. John T. Sprague mentions in his 1848 history The Florida War that Osceola had a wife named "Che-cho-ter" (Morning Dew), who bore him four children. View the profiles of people named Osceola Billy Powell. During the 1830s, Osceola, a Seminole warrior, led members of his tribe in Florida in a valiant attempt to resist the US Armys efforts to forcibly deport them to a reservation west of the Mississippi River. Osceola, William Powell, Jr. was not a chief. My wife, Kathy Johnston Schettler, has letters from her grandmother to her father detailing how they are descended from Hilda (a Muscogee Creek Indian Doctress) who was an older mulatto/native Indian sister of Osceolas wife (either Che-cho-ter or Pe-o-ka). Polly then married William Powell, a white Scottish trader, who adopted The Croatan Indians of Sampson County, North Carolina. (LogOut/ Ann McQueen was also mixed-race Creek; her father James McQueen was Scots-Irish. 1798-ab 1855. Captain Pitcairn Morrison sent the death mask and some other objects collected by Weedon to an army officer in Washington. Holatta Micco (Billy Bowlegs) led the Seminole Tribe through the last days of the Seminole struggle against removal. Osceola, the most well-known leader of the Seminole Indians, was born in 1804 in a Creek town near Tallassee, present-day Tuskegee, Alabama. When his illness was at its peak, Susan Orlean wrote in The Orchid Thief, Osceola roused himself from his sickbed and dressed himself in his favorite outfit of large silver earrings, a feathered turban, red war paint, ostrich plumes, silver spurs, a decorated powder horn, a fancy bullet pouch, a striped blanket, and a whalebone cane. Osceolas camp, located one mile south of Fort Peyton, raised a white flag of truce in order to signal their desire to negotiate. W.W. Norton & Company, New York, New York, 2020. )-3X great granddaughter of Missouri Powell Canaday, Thomas Woodward 1683-1811, m. wife 1: Katherine Fraser (Best guess, Betty Wadford source), m. in 1754 WIFE 2- Stelona Fraser 1739-before 1792. not reliable, (Katherines niece) Problem mother would be 8 yrs old. John Wesley Powell is my 3x Great Grandfather. James Parker Then theres Che Cho Ter his other wife. She has a Powell Family Book which was created by Bruce Powell. Is there still a copy of the book because Osceola is one of my great grandfathers and Im trying to do some research on it. Can I get a copy of the Powell History Book. The historical evidence suggests that it was Morrison who decided that a death mask should be made,[4]:174 a European-American custom at the time for prominent persons, but it was done without the permission of Osceola's people. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park, Download the official NPS app before your next visit, Seminole warrior, leader during the Second Seminole War, Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Historical Park, fort sumter and fort moultrie national historical park. Apparently Im Tuhkabatchee. The people in the town of Tallassee were mixed-blood Native American/ English/ Irish/Scottish, and some were black. WILLIAMS(1837) Florida - OSEOLA (Osceola).jpg 1,249 996; 658 KB. . Powell, Stephen Powell, Silas Powell, Sarah Missouri Canaday (born Powell), Sarah Ann Canaday (born Powell), Sari Missouri Canaday, San 1838? He married Katherine Redstick Fraser, the Daughter of Chief (Mico) Eagle Wings of Tuhkabatchee. His mother was Muscogee, and his great-grandfather was a Scotsman, James McQueen. His Creek mother, Polly Copinger, was married to Englishman William Powell. I found Oscalousa meaning last of the beautiful. SOURCE: RHODEN family book, Baker Co., Historical Lib 1. Nancy Renfrow I am Benjamin Powell,Osceola Billy Powell is my 4x Great Grandfather and His wife Peoka Powell is my 4x Great Grandmother., Osceola were my ancestors and we still resides in America today but many things have been kept from us, My name is McKenley son of Hannah Mary Ella Walker/ McKinney. Are the two listed above the same woman? RACHEL RHODEN, b. They were reared by their mothers and their maternal male relatives following Muscogee cultural practices, and they gained their social status from their mother's people. The village site, now the city of Tallassee, Alabama, was located on the banks of the Tallapoosa River about 20 miles (32km) upstream from Fort Toulouse where the Tallapoosa and the Coosa rivers meet to form the Alabama River. Privacy Statement He became an adviser to Micanopy, the principal chief of the Seminole from 1825 to 1849. He was born Billy Powell, in Maskk or Creek village of Talisi, now known as Tallassee, Alabama. Osceola (Billy Powell) Born to a Creek mother and a white father, Osceola's family joined the Seminole following the Creek Civil War. He was recognized as a defender of his people, Ganteaume says, and coverage in the American press made him well known. His fame only grew after his death at Fort Moultrie three months after his arrest. Williams 2 kids: 1. Some of the information the family believed does not agree with information I read online. Also, does the town of Jenks, Oklahoma mean anything to your heritage? Osceola and his band were brought to St. Augustine and imprisoned at Fort Marion (Castillo de San Marcos). Kind of difficult as I live in Mississippi and far away from our people. The Rising Sun, or Osceola was a great warrior who gained popularity and leadership . Be very careful with that book. The best books I have found on Osceola were Osceolas Legacy by Patricia Wickman, Osceola and the Great Seminole War: A Struggle by Thom Hatch and,Reminisces Series. Lewis Powell was tried and hanged under his alias, Lewis Paine. Seminole Tribeof Florida. My telephone number is (662)596-5938. Sari m. John Milledge Canaday I knew him well after that, and have seen him fre-quently. I moved a lot and reside in Northeast Mississippi. I Dont know much just what I read. Osceola (Billy Powell) Medicine Man and War Chief (1804-1838) Osceola (ah-see-oh-la), William 'Billy' Powell, 1804-1838, was a Medicine man and War Chief of the Florida Seminoles during the Indian removal from Florida to unsettled U.S. territory in Oklahoma during the early 1800s. "The people in the town of Tallasseewere mixed-blood Native American/English/Irish/Scottish, and some were black. General Thomas Jesup responded by ordering Hernandez to seize Osceola and his party should he have the chance. Osceola Powell is on Facebook. The legendary warrior is also the symbol of Florida State University in Tallahassee. 2. Osceola (1804 - January 30, 1838, Asi-yahola in Creek ), named Billy Powell at birth in Alabama, became an influential leader of the Seminole people in Florida. Known as Billy Powell for the first ten years or so of his life, he took the name Osceola after a coming-of-age ceremony. 1. (LogOut/ I think the Creek Indians were in the swamp because no one would go after them in that swamp. Billy Powell Osceola About Work Warchief at Seminole Indian Tribe Leader College Studied at Have one named after me, but never attended one. Together James and Katherine had Peter McQueen Talmuches Hodjo, Mico of the Tallassees. After early military skirmishes and the signing of the 1823 Treaty of Moultrie Creek, by which the US seized the northern Seminole lands, Osceola and his family moved with the Seminole deeper into the unpopulated wilds of central and southern Florida. "Osceola" is anglicized Creek for Asi-yahola which is usually translated into . Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Some pronunciations of the name lend to the meaning the "black drink", a bitter concoction used in ritual ceremonies. the Okefenokee Swamp was a refuge for Indian people, fugitives from slavery, deserters during the Civil War (1861-65), and others seeking concealment. He felt it equated the Seminole with slaves, who were forbidden by law to carry arms. Plagued by food shortages, adverse conditions, and disease, the Trail of Tears remains a haunting reminder of the fate many native tribes of the Southeast suffered.While Osceola was not a chief by birth, his followers recognized him as such because of his natural leadership abilities. Thank you for making sure I got that message. Osceolas capture by deceit caused a national uproar. Oil on canvas portrait of Seminole Chief, Osceola (born Billy Powell) dressed in colorful robes, a headband holding three feathers and three ceremonial gorgets hanging around his neck. 334-444-5466 . Osceola was named Billy Powell at birth in 1804 in the Creek village of Talisi, now known as Tallassee, Alabama, in current Elmore County. Hi, I would love any information you may have on Kathrine. In 1979 the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma bought Osceola's bandolier and other personal items from a Sotheby's auction. In 1814, after the Red Stick Creek were defeated by United States forces, Polly took Osceola and moved with other Creek refugees from Alabama to Florida, where they joined the Seminole. Amelia County, VA Tithables 1737-1739Indians, Fincastle Co., VA 1773 Delinquent TaxList, Department of Interior, Indian Affairs, Hiring aGenealogist, Virginia Governor Spotswoods Letter Regarding the TuscaroraWar, Antiquities of the Southern Indians, Particularly of the GeorgiaTribes, Norfolk County, Virginia Indians on 1851 Free NegroRegister, Norfolk County Virginia IndianCertificates, Some Native Americans Had OceanicAncestors, Among the Cherokee in Flint District in1872, Are You Native? My family resource stops with her name being Kathrine Fraser, Redstick Creek. She married after the birth of her last child. The family moved to Florida when Billy was a child, and later, having witnessed the white man's brutality against Native Americans he joined the Seminoles and began to fight against the U.S. government's attempt . Billy Powell, leader of the Seminole in Florida (1804-1838) . On December 28, 1835, Osceola led an attack on Fort King (near modern-day Ocala) which resulted in the assassination of the American Indian Agent Wiley Thompson. Chief Osceola was the son of my great, great Uncle Billy Powell. Cookie Settings, Smithsonian American Art Museum / Art Resource, NY, Kids Start Forgetting Early Childhood Around Age 7, Archaeologists Discover Wooden Spikes Described by Julius Caesar, 5,000-Year-Old Tavern With Food Still Inside Discovered in Iraq, Artificial Sweetener Tied to Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke, Study Finds, The Surprisingly Scientific Roots of Monkey Bars. I love Catlins painting of Osceola. Osceola, a young warrior rising to prominence, resented the ban. Later, he went back up there to fight Andrew Jackson but when the Red Stick Creeks were defeated in 1814, he brought his wifes family, including Osceola, down to this area. An acquaintance of Morrison, Dr. Benjamin Strobel, a native of Charleston, made a plaster cast of Osceola's face and upper torso. The Seminole regarded Osceola, Catlin recalled, as the master spirit and leader of the tribe. His influence, the artist added, extended to the remotest parts of the United States, and amongst the Indian tribes, to the Rocky Mountains., He was a bit flamboyant, says historian Donald L. Fixico of Arizona State University, who is working on a book about Osceola. Would like to know more. Perhaps you could find descendants or relatives of Osceolas father and compare their DNA with your DNA to see if there is a match, then you would know for certain, provided there is a match. Billy Osceola b 1804, in Talisi, AL. *Osceola two wives SOURCE: McNeer (42) Remarkably, on November 30, Coacoochee (Wildcat) and 19 other Seminoles escaped Fort Marion; Osceola was not among them. He became closely involved with the people. The painting is set in a simple gold leaf frame that is coated with plaster and finished with gold leaf. James McQuuen would appear to be his great grandfather: [1]:217218 [4]:115116, Osceola was named Billy Powell at his birth in 1804 in the Creek village of Talisi, which means "Old Town". His mother was Muscogee, and his great-grandfather was a Scotsman, James McQueen. Rachel Rhoden is a Rhoden by birth (James J/Malinda, listed in census). One of his wives was African American, and he fiercely opposed the enslavement of free peoples. He is buried in the Indian cemetery in Franklin, Alabama near a Methodist Missionary Church for the Creek. Where are your pages on facebook. [7]:825, Thompson considered Osceola to be a friend and gave him a rifle. Ive spent 5 exhausting months searching night and Day for the answers. Disappointing for those of us who work hard to get it right. 1,121,896: People also liked. Osceola was named John William Powell Jr aka Billy Powell at birth in the Creek village of Talisi, now known as Tallassee, Alabama, in current Elmore County. Some pronunciations of the name lend to the meaning the "black drink", a bitter concoction used in ritual ceremonies. Hildas daughter was Diana Sarah Wragg {born abt. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, by Thomas S. Woodward, Indian agent. His father is thought to have been an English trader named William Powell, though historian Patricia R.. During Osceolas stay here, many regarded him as somewhat of a celebrity. Granddaughter of Nanny Powell Renfrow Isaac Brown and myself, with a party of friendly Creeks and Uchees, made him a prisoner in 1818, and he was then but a lad." Strange to say, the General is silent as to the boy's offense. Osceola's capture by deceit caused a national uproar. Over time, these various groups living in Florida, mostly of Creek and Hitchiti background, came to be called Sim-in-oli, or wild in the Muskogee language; this phrase was later Anglicized into Seminole. There is also a city in Iowa named after Osceola. My father who died in 2000, his only sister was named Polly. Ann McQueen was also mixed-race Muscogee Creek; her father, James McQueen, was Scottish. It seems very likely that these wives could be Che-cho-ter and Hilda. And the family history stops short at her name, listing her as a Redstick Creek, Name Kathrine Fraser. The residents of the original Talisi village and of the current city of Tallassee were a mixture of several ethnicities. The story of Osceola and the Great Seminole War in Florida seems so fantastic at times . yrs. *Most credible Osceola lineage Source: Thomas S. Woodward All the Powells were born and raised in the south Alabama Florida panhandle area and lived in the Troy as well as Montgomery, Tallassee and Franklin Alabama areas. Because the Creek have a matrilineal kinship system, Polly and Anns other children were all considered to be born into their mothers clan; they were reared as traditional Creek and gained their status from their mothers people. This is an anglicized form of the Creek Asi-yahola (pronounced [asi jahola]); the combination of asi, the ceremonial black drink made from the yaupon holly, and yahola, meaning "shout" or "shouter". Known for his resistance to the United States and its military, Osceolas final resting place outside of the sallyport of Fort Moultrie is surrounded by visual reminders of the army and is a place to reflect on his legacy. Also written as Asi-Yaholo, his name translates as "asi," the ritual "black drink . ************************************************************************ With them, he had at least five children. Hepsy Homarty ( DP Note- William Powells child only), When Polly & William split on way to FL, Maurnee and Hepsy stayed with William. Shriver traveled around the state in 1967 to gather support for his project. She spoke English, was interpreter for him. well, Nathan Powell, Stephen Powell, Silas Powell, Missouri Canaday, Sarah Ann Powell, Sanse Rhoden (born Powell), Sanee Sunnie Jane Powe Jan 30 1838 - Fort Moultrie Charleston, SC, 1801 - Tallassee, Elmore, Alabama (Creek Village), Jan 30 1838 - Ft. Moultrie, Charleston, South Carolina, John William "chufi Hadjo" Powell, Polly Ann Moniac "chekkika" Powell (born Coppinger), Chechator Morning Dew Cloud (Che Cho Ter) Powell (born Thompson), Jan 20 1838 - Ft. Moultrie, Charleston, SC.