Putting the Team into ERP


You have spent decades building a business, a reputation and a solid foundation for success. You have the right people in the right place and the organization is performing with optimum results. Then it happens! One of your key players gets hurt or has a family/ health issue or worse leaves altogether. Where does that leave you? Your team? Your CUSTOMERS?


Losing key personnel for the short term can result in catastrophic results and leave you organization spinning its wheels and you customers turning on their heels. Knowing what and how every depart does what they do and having visibility across the organization is the key to your survival. Let’s say your production manager (John) is down and out for 6 months, maybe a year. Can anyone else in the organization step up and handle what John does? Will they know where they left off? What is completed? When it will be ready to ship?


If John has been doing his job with excel spread sheets and white boards it can take his replacement weeks or even months to figure out what’s going on. Yes you customers will be understanding but only until the point where your delays create delays or problems for them.

Putting the team into ERP is simply taking John’s excel spread sheets and his white boards and converting them into a systemized process that can be seen and most importantly understood by the entire team. The right ERP System will allow you to see the scheduled work in progress, the projected dates of completion and any reasons for delays. It provides the team with the information required to carry on in John’s absence without disturbing your customer’s business. More importantly it will allow someone else in the organization to quickly step in and carrying on without any of your customers ever knowing there was an issue at all.

The key to successfully putting the team in ERP is to take the time to properly map your business processes from front door to back. Who does what? Why do you do it that way, does it give you a competitive edge or do you do it that way because your old system dictated that it needed to be done like that. How you handle costs and how you handle exchange rates. How you handle rush orders or customization changes? Right down to who does what when and for how much.

Putting your team into ERP can seem daunting at first but it is not as daunting as trying to figure out what John did and how John did it all while the customer is on the phone. Screaming “Your affecting my business!” you need to plan for that day when something beyond your control happens so it doesn’t take control of your business.