What Now! Part 2

What You Need vs What You Want

 Identifying the pain – What is it that has brought you to the table in the first place? Do you need to streamline production, keep better track of job costs or improve the quality of quoting and estimating? Whatever the reason, now is the time to analyze your business pain points and find a solution for, if not all, as many as you can.

 Pick and prioritize your featuresYou’ve identified the pain now choose the pill. Which features will eliminate the pain, accounting, job costing, order entry or maybe it’s scheduling. What ever it is, list the features in order of importance and be sure to highlight the ones you can’t live without as critical.

 Analyze your existing business processes and determine which processes give you a competitive advantage and which are flexible. Identify the strengths and weaknesses and map out strategies to improve where you need to and document the results. This is crucial; we have seen hundreds of businesses pursue customizations to align the Erp system to their processes only to later discover that those processes were not as critical as they thought and there was a better way to do it out of the box.