Integrated System Or Patchwork and Duct Tape

Are you currently using a business management system? The most common answer to this question is “yes we have an accounting system” Upon further investigation we find out yes, they have an accounting system and they use spread sheets for production, and somebody created a program for collecting shop floor data in the 70’s. Oh yeah, the summer student wrote a patch for uploading sales quotes into the accounting system in the 90’s. He works for Microsoft now, so that should last a while! It all reminds me of the family cottage.

My wife’s family has owned a cottage now for about 30 years. They bought it from a couple of guys that used it for hunting and fishing, all in all it’s about 90 years old. It started as a one room cabin, and then a back room (11 x 14) was added to gut fish, moose and deer in the 40’s. In the 50’s someone added a toilet in the corner of the backroom and a shower to wash off after gutting the moose! The kitchenette was boxed off inside and a front porch was added on in the 60’s. The roof was raised, a loft put in, and a bedroom was cordoned off in the 70’s. Finally in the 90’s when I arrived I switched the kitchen (5×7) with the back slaughter house (11 x 14) as no one was hunting any more and fishing was minimal. I ripped out the old wiring and upgraded it, re-plumbed the kitchen and bathrooms, extended the bedroom walls up to the ceiling to support a sagging loft and presto! It’s good to go for another 20 years! Yeah it looks, patchy but hey! Its on a beautiful lake sunrises are awesome, sunsets are majestic and the family is used to the leaks, the drafts, the raccoons and the bats that winter over inside. We are used to it and its comfortable!

So does you business management system look patchy, has you IT department or summer student written you a patch so your accounting package can invoice your sales or your purchasing can update your inventory? Is it working or does information fall through the cracks, is the system sagging under the weight of all that data? Perhaps it’s time to look at a new system.

A modern ERP system will integrate all aspects of your business seamlessly, without the need for patches or interfaces with bolt on features. ERP123 offers a completely integrated Business management package. The Financial and Accounting Module communicates in real time with the Sales Module, Warehouse Module, Purchasing Module, Manufacturing Module and the Engineering Module, so all the information you need to make intelligent informed business decisions is at your finger tips.
ERP123 allows you to use all the modules or only those you need today, but all are included so when your business grows your system grows with it. There is no need to continually bolt on external applications; everything you need is already there.

Your business needs to function better than the family cottage; you can’t afford to keep adding on to an old tired system. Integration is the key to monitoring and controlling growth and an integral factor in your success.
I can put up with the leaks and raccoons because I enjoy the sunrise and sunsets but if you don’t fix your business management system, the sun may just set on your business!

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