Process Improvement

When implementing ERP123most companies will find that they now have much more flexibility and capability than their current situation offers.  With that comes and opportunity to improve the internal processes that need attention.

Our concept of a good implementation is one that wraps the software around your processes and not the other way around.  In some cases however you may have processes that you feel are not effective or efficient.   In these cases our experienced staff can help you to assess, improve, and monitor the transition to better more efficient practices.

Whether you are an office staff of 1 or an international corporation, streamlining business process means bottom line savings. Here are some of the usual ailments of organizations that do not have ERP.

  1. Proper costing of products is hard or impossible
  2. Double or triple entry of the same data
  3. Executive reporting is manual and labour intensive
  4. Late on deliveries to customers
  5. Poor inventory control
  6. Segmented departments due to lack of communication

Your ERP system should help you measure your business performance.  But just like an other tool you must use it correctly to achieve the desired end results. ERP software is not the complete answer by itself.  ERP must be coupled with sound business process in order to work effectively.  It may be necessary to assess your internal resource capabilities to manage the ERP system.  The bottom line is good software + good processes = great system.

Erp123 can be a big part of your continuous improvement plan.  One that, if set up and used correctly, will give you capability to streamline your operation and provide the decision support data your managers need to make informed decisions quickly.  The IntegrateIT combination of powerful, affordable software coupled with premium implemenation capabilities gives you the solution you need to achieve your performance goals.

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