Do It Yourself Tools

Don’t want to rely on a 3rd party, ERP123 is your answer

IntegrateIT has developed many tools to aid small and mid-sized companies through the installation and implementation process.

The degree in which you can utilize the tools really depends on the skill set of your group. There are many areas you can manage your self with little or no knowledge but there are some areas that will require some exposure to ERP. If your organization is one that believes that the internal capability to manage the process of ERP implementation is there, you will find no better facilitation for that then what we offer.

Your Business Tools

From installation software to training DVD’s,  IntegratedIT comes with the necessary tools to do with yourself.

Pick and choose the tools you need based on your internal capabilities, utilize them to control costs .

  • Installation – Use the installation CD to get the software going. No IT required.
  • U-Train DVDs – Use the DVDs to learn and set up the system.
  • System Flags – Change the behaviour of the system using one of our 300 system flags
  • Super query Capabilities – Search for data using any field, create your exportable reports
  • Customize your own reports – Create your own reports using info maker
  • Manual – Over 1400 pages of instructions on how the system works
  • On-line support – When you need a helping hand, we are only a click away
  • Telephone support – Want to talk to a live person when you need some advice
  • On-site support – Prefer to see the person your speaking with

Where your internal capabilities fall short we will be glad to provide any amount of assistance you require in any area. Our Customer service people are always available and can be connected to your site within minutes for your call.

I am interested

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