Customize without version locking with ERP123

ERP systems should be suited to fit your organization and business needs. No system can be everything to everyone “out of the box” and changing what you do well to fit a system is counter productive. At IntegrateIT we have been tailoring systems for our clients since 1994. Make no mistake erp123 is powerful but sometimes the way things are done or the need for automation arises and when it does the flexibility exists to give your organization anything it needs to perform tasks in the most logical and efficient manner.

Customization can take many different forms and in some cases can be done by the end user. 

With erp123 the user can customize

  • menus
  • screens
  • reports
  • user rights
  • system behaviour
  • pricing logic
  • and much more

The staff at IntegrateIT can fill in any gaps required to get the job done.

  • interfacing with websites
  • interfacing with 3rd party programs such as solid works or customer built programs
  • creating new modules to deal with business specific processes

The point of the matter is customization can be a great tool to ensure your system is the best it can be. The savings on our initial software acquisition allow many of our customers to wrap the system around their business needs.

With the IntegrateIT approach it all comes down to the same thing what will be the benefit of the customization compared to the end result savings. In most cases we understand and price any customizations prior to our customers spending any money with us.

IntegrateIT reduce your risk and still get a custom fit. Contact us today to learn more.

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