Our Mission

IntegrateIT, is positioned as a leader in the evolution of ERP system design and delivery and  is the system architect of the ERP123 platform.  This powerful combination of software, training, and implementation guidance truly represents a revolution in the world of ERP system implementation.   By providing a system with the features and functionality of large-scale ERP systems into a package that is truly affordable, small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors can better better in today’s global marketplace.   ERP123 levels the business playing field.  Now that is revolutionary.

At IntegrateIT we believe that every company should have access to the best business tools, regardless of its size.  And that means making it truly affordable.  To do so meant we had to re-engineer the ERP delivery process to the client.  We had to find ways to reduce the costs of implementation in the same way we were able to reduce the cost of software acquisition.   The concept of video based training was tested with the highly successful U-Train DVD system for the ABACI SME Pack, the progenitor of ERP123.  U-Train Multimedia for ERP123 is the next evolution and makes the concept of a self-implemented ERP system possible.

It’s the best ERP training tool available today for those who want to save money and implement the system at their own pace.   IntegrateIT provides support on an as needed basis to fill in any gaps that may arise due to the specialized needs of your business.

Our continued mission – to increase the functionality of ERP software while simultaneously reducing the acquisition and implementation cost.   And, to help small business flourish by providing the tools that allow small companies to compete and grow.