ERP Should Fit Like a Good Suit

We strip needless waste out of the ERP process

We have watched as SME’s waste excessive time and money trying to assess their various ERP options and still fail to choose the right system.  So how can a potential client know with certainty that any particular system will meet their needs?   The reality is that you probably can’t.  And if you make that mistake you could spend extensive time and money trying to rectify the problems.  So, before we talk about selling any to you we help you answer these three important questions:

What’s the best way to ensure that ERP123 will work for you?

What options do you have in a case where you find a process gap at a later date?

What can you do to minimize the risks of making the wrong decision?

Our sales approach is designed to answer these questions upfront, before you buy.  We do this by going through a process that ensures that you clearly understand what you are buying.  And during that process you will understand that IntegrateIt is unlike other ERP vendors.  We will take responsibility for the performance of ERP123 in your business.  Its performance is a reflection on IntegrateIT.  So, IntegrateIT will invest the necessary time to learn about you.  It is the only way we can be comfortable that ERP123 will give you the results you desire.

ERP Process Simulation

In our opinion there is only one way to ensure that the functionality of any particular ERP package will meet the needs of your business processes.  And that is to work through detailed business scenarios and observe how the system reacts to the needs of the user.  We refer to this as ERP Process Simulation.  The real issue here is your ability to assess the actual performance of the any system in your environment.  It can be difficult for a company to gather the detailed knowledge required to perform a thorough tactical analysis of an ERP system.  But this is where IntegrateIT differs from others.  We feel it is OUR responsibility to ensure ERP123 will meet your needs.  We do not want to sell you something that won’t work.  So our sales process attacks the issues at their core.   It works as follows:


During our the initial stage of the sales process we will discuss your needs and provide you with pertinent information about the various elements of ERP123.  It is our desire to educate you so that, regardless of what you buy, you will be more informed.  Our website is a testament to this desire.

Initial Demonstration (Optional)

Once we reach a point where you have expressed sufficient interest in ERP123 we will schedule a  demonstration of the software.  This can occur either  on-site or over the web.  This demonstration will take one to two hours depending on the elements of your business that you wish to discuss.   The idea is to provide an overview of the software product and insight into the capability of IntegrateIT.

ERP Process Simulation

Some businesses are very simple, others very complex.  In some cases it is necessary to conduct an extensive demonstration, either initially or as a follow up to the initial one.  In the case of a detailed demonstration we will ask you to provide sample data that will we will load into ERP123.  This may include item and product information, quote info, manufacturing process info (Bills of Material, Routings) and inventory data.  This will allow us to conduct a thorough simulation of your entire business.  A demo at this detail level helps both  you and IntegrateIT understand the suitability of ERP123 for your environment.

Reducing the Risk

30-Day Trial

You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it.  The same logic applies to your ERP system.  Even after a successful detailed demonstration, you may still have some concerns.  Choosing the right system is very important.  So you need to be REALLY sure.  For those there is the 30-day trial period.  This 30-day trial period is your opportunity to “test-drive” ERP123.  We make the database that was used in the detailed demonstration available to you, along with a fully functional version of ERP123 that your group can exercise for 30 days.  This allows you to work through the details of your business process and better understand ERP123.  You can learn the basic data flow as well as assess the ease of use and the capability of your staff to operate it.  Our sales team works closely with you during the period to ensure you get to see everything you need to.  These trials are conducted on our cloud servers.

Going through the trial is the ultimate way for an organization to truly understand how the system will perform in their environment and what resources will be necessary to implement and maintain the system moving forward.

Proposal & Quotation

After the demonstrations and prior to the trial period IntegrateIT will provide you with a detailed proposal on the costs and implementation processes available for ERP123.  This proposal includes a scope of work for the project and provides a detailed overview of software, installation, implementation, and after-live support.

90-Day Guarantee

From the date of registration IntegrateIT gives you with 90 days to return the product if you feel it is not suitable.  We really don’t want your money unless ERP123 is the right system for you going forward.  There is nothing to be gained by selling you something that won’t work. Please see our Guarantee page for details on this unique offering

A Better Approach to ERP acquisition

We do our utmost at IntegrateIT to virtually eliminates the risk of making ERP mistakes by ensuring that we gain a detailed understanding of your requirements and assess our capability to meet your needs.  We believe we our share responsibility to ensure that ERP123 is the right system for you

Your system vendor should care about your business.  Let us show you the IntegrateIT difference.