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IntegrateIT is proud to provides the most innovative and comprehensive approach to ERP solution delivery for the SME marketplace.  We strive to continually reduce the delivered cost of ERP systems while continuously improving the customer experience.  Our team of business and technical specialists position is uniquely positioned to help you meet all your strategic system goals.

Our History

IntegrateIT was formed in 2001 in the province of Ontario, Canada in response to a market demand for unbiased ERP software selection guidance and consulting services.  From inception through 2003 IntegrateIT provided these services to mid-to-large sized businesses.  During its formative years these services were primarily delivered by Michael J. Carlo, a veteran ERP design specialist with an extensive background in manufacturing and distribution and the current President of IntegrateIT Inc.

Prior to IntegrateIT Michael acted as President of Profit Solutions International Inc. (PSI) from 1995 through 2001.  PSI was, a mid-tier ERP systems developer that Michael founded with two other partners.  PSI was a turnkey ERP provider that focused on customized ERP solutions and IT services for the manufacturing industry.  Mike’s major duties included heading up the sales, marketing, and implementation efforts of PSI.  After much success Mike parted ways in 2001, citing differences in long-term vision and launched IntegrateIT in September, 2001.

A major part of his work at PSI was to research competing ERP solutions providers to gain an in-depth understanding of their functional strengths and weaknesses.  This research placed IntegrateIT with a unique knowledge of the ERP marketplace, enabling the company to readily understand the different industry solution types and recommend the best ERP packages suited to the needs of each client.

PSI and IntegrateIT rejoined forces to undertake the task of re-inventing ERP products and their implementation, a direction that solved their earlier differences.  During 2003/04 IntegrateIT worked closely with a group of visionary minds to analyze the research of the previous two years and convert this into a product plan that would address the core issues (high cost, complicated installation, reliance on consultants for implementation) identified with the current ERP marketplace.  The ABACI SME Pack, created in conjunction with PSI, is the product of these brainstorming sessions.  During 2004 trials were conducted to ensure that the product produced the desired effects before it entered the market in 3rd quarter 2004.

Early successes in late 2004/early 2005 culminated in the October 2005 feature article “From Spreadsheets to State of the Art” in the technology section of the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper.  This article documented the successes achieved by the ABACI SME Pack methodology at an implementation at Springland Manufacturing, a Manitoba-based manufacturer of farm equipment.  Total installed cost at Springland was $11,200 for a fully-functional ERP system with full manufacturing, accounting, and bar-coded shop floor data collection.

Today, IntegrateIT focuses exclusively on the sales, distribution, implementation and support of ERP123, a product that they feel is the evolution of the ERP system.

IntegrateIT has offices in Southern Ontario with main operations located in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

IntegrateIT is composed of business consultants with extensive manufacturing and distribution expertise, who relish in “getting their hands dirty”.  This, when coupled with their  superior software design and implementation capability makes them ready to meet any challenge a customer can pose. Our goal is to partner with your organization to ensure your success.  Our service offering includes all aspects of project management, implementation, site-training, and integration with legacy applications.  We will preserve the elements that make your company unique because this is where your competitive advantage lies..

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