Does your current system leave you wanting more?

Expanding your software functionality doesn’t have to mean changing software

Unless of course you don’t have ERP123

There is a common cycle that most businesses go through.  First of all, you are small.  And when you were small you could verbally communicate the small number of things that were required to make the business go.  As time went along verbal communication ceases to work and you likely develop a series of homemade remedies (most commonly spreadsheets) that temporarily provide some relief.  But now you’ve gotten bigger and the amount of work required to keep the old way going doesn’t make sense anymore.  It’s time for some new tools.  But this time it’s software tools.

Once you reach a certain point in your existence the need for a fully integrated, efficient system is a must to keep your edge over the competition.  And the last thing you want to do is be in this position again in the near future.  We’ve seen many companies who’ve gone down the wrong path.  So it is essential to get the right solution the first time.

Purchasing ERP123 will free you of boundaries and allow you to start working with a systems that will offer a complete end to end solution.  You need it all in one program.  You need everyone connected together and communicating in the most effective manner.

And when ERP123 is coupled with the know how of the people at IntegrateIT you have everything you need to successfully implement the system in your environment.  Kiss your software issues goodbye.  Say hello to ERP123 and IntegrateIT your solutions partner

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