Widen the use and benefits of ERP in your business

Educated users want more information as time passes

The need to expand your system can happen for many reasons and in many different areas, from a change in business direction to a need for more detail or just a thirst for more knowledge.

When an organization has reached a point where there current system(s) fail to give them the information they need to make decisions in a timely manner it is time to expand the use of software in the business. Sometimes the problem is that the systems developed or purchased to this point won’t allow for it. So organizations must graduate to larger more robust packages. Only this time, if they are smart they will be looking for packages that can fit there budget and have the capability to grow with the organization. The sooner you can acquire and install a package the is expandable the better off your organization will be. The idea is to install something that will grow with your people and your organization. The more familiar you become with the program the more, the more adept the users become and the more use your get out of the system.

Erp123 gives you the tools you need to examine the details of any business process you wish to track within manufacturing, distribution and service companies. Want to know the cost of every last screw, landed costs, commissions. With IntegrateIT you will get what you need period. Detailed reports in all major areas from Sales, CRM, Accounting, Production, Engineering, Inventory, Purchasing and Shipping. And many more tools to make your organization a well oiled machine.

If your organization is expanding into new markets you may require different functionality. For instance, if you are repetitive manufacturer and you want to start doing custom work, your current system may not be able to cost properly or be as flexible as you would like. Erp123 can cost in any mode, by item. So you can do both types of business with in the system in an efficient manner, letting your people focus on more work from customer’s instead of paper work or switching systems again.

In the end when expanding the use of the system and your business, resources and proper management of them become key to success. The earlier in that cycle you learn a system and then expand as you go the better off your organization will be.

Spend some time with one of our people and learn how IntegrateIT and erp123 can improve your current situation and position your for further growth.


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