ERP – Assessing Systems

The process that you choose to assess the suitability of an ERP system for your business is every important.  Remember that even though the software sales people make using their systems look so simple and easy, that it is the people in YOUR company that must be capable of operating the system.  After the implementation phase that involves the vendor you selected haw concluded you do not want to have to rely on your vendor heavily or the ongoing system and support costs may be higher than you expect.

While others may tell you differently IntegrateIT believes that the only way to truly assess the performance of potential systems is to provide the vendor with some sample data and then run a simulation of your business using the data you provided.  This will mostly involve having key users within your facility run through their job functions to see if a system saves you time or makes extra work for you. The intent of implementing software is to stream line processes and reduce the bottom line cost of doing business, if you need to hire to make it work that kind of defeats the purpose.

As well, spend enough time with the consultants from the potential software vendors to ensure they have some a good understanding of your industry.  Allowing a software vendor to implement a system where they have little specific industry experience is not advisable.

It is important for you to understand everything that will be involved in installing, implementing, using, and maintaining the proposed system.  Only then will be have a thorough understand of the challenges that you may face, what the end system costs are likely to be, and ultimately, what your business with gain from installing it.

Can your business handle the change that a new ERP system will bring?  Sure it can.  But it probably won’t be easy either.  You need to go into the ERP process with your eyes wide open.  But, if done well the first time, ERP systems can be implemented thoughtfully in a way that  will result in the least possible amount of disruption and pain for your staff.   The gain should outweigh the pain and ensure you do not have to endure it again for many years.  Such are the benefits of a well-chosen and well implemented ERP system

So, can you handle the implementation of an ERP system?  That is an answer only you can really answer.  But, if the people in your company already waste a lot of time and energy on things that don’t add value then the answer is probably yes.  Or maybe, that you can’t afford not to.  Either way, the best way to find out for sure is to have your people spend some time with us so we can help you evaluate the overall value that a better ERP system will add to your business.


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