ERP helps your company manage, track, organize and communicate

A well chosen Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package should enable your company to better manage, track and communicate by providing a wealth of system tools for you to utilize that assist you in executing your daily business processes.  What kinds of business processes?  Here are some sample business processes/functions that ERP123, our ERP offering, covers functionally:

ERP123 Core System Process List

  • Sales and CRM (Customer Relationship Management
    • Contact Management
    • Leads and Prospecting
    • Quoting and Cost Estimating
    • Sales Order Entry
    • Customer Service and Returns
    • Sales Reporting and Queries
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
    • Multiple warehouses and inventory locations
    • Order Picking
    • Shipping and Freight Management
    • Storage
  • Product Data Management
    • Master list of items (Item Master) and associated data
    • Bills of Material (manufacturing, kitting)
    • Routings (manufacturing operations and process parameters)
    • Work Centers and Departments
  • Inventory Management
    • Inventory replenishment automation
    • Purchasing and Receiving
    • Barcode-based inventory transaction processing
    • Automated inventory relief processes
  • Manufacturing Management
    • Work Orders
    • Manual and Real-Time Production Data Collection
    • Scheduling
      Capacity and manpower planning
    • Time and Attendance
    • Employees
    • Payroll Approval
  • Quality Management
  • Product Costing
    • Standard Costing
    • Job Costing
    • Rolling Average
    • Revenue Recognition (Project-based
  • Accounts Payable fully integrated with Purchasing and Receiving
    • Automated accruals and reversals
    • Invoice matching with receipts
    • Payments, cheques, and remittances
    • Aging and other reports
  • Accounts Receivable fully integrated with Shipping
    • Automated accruals and reversals
    • Invoice creation and approval
    • Payment Receipts
    • Credit card management

Every company has different needs and priorities so you may only need some of the items listed.  The idea is to implement different areas of the software as you require them.

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