Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)

Selecting the Right System

The ERP Guide

You’ve decided that the time has come.  Maybe its the need to streamline your business operations.  Or maybe you need to provide your customer with better service and more timely information.  Maybe you’re tired of entering the same information into three different software programs that manage different elements of your business process.  Whatever your reason, you’ve decided it is time  for ERP.

And you have a problem.   You’ve heard about ERP systems and what they can do for a business.  But you’ve also read or been told stories about ERP system installations that carry huge costs that fail to deliver the results.  Selecting the wrong system can have a crippling effect on your business.

Lack of knowledge is a problem that many small and mid-sized companies have when it comes to systems. Unless your organization is prepared to hire some one specifically for the task of implementation you will have to rely on an outside vendor to help you make the right choices for your company. Its time for you to learn more about ERP so you can make an informed decision.

Our ERP Guide is designed to help educate you on some of the things to watch for, consider and do in order to make your first systems purchase one that will serve your business well for many years to come.  Click the buttons below to learn more:

All ERP system implementations that are considered successful by their companies have a few important things in common.  If you are a first time buyer you should make sure you clearly understand the following:

IT STARTS AT THE TOP – make sure that the executives your company are fully committed to making the system work.

DON’T BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW – often, it is wise to break the implementation of a large system into phases to minimize the overall impact of change on your organization.  Too much change too quickly can cause problems.  Check out the blog on the Staged Approaches to ERP Implementation

GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT – make sure the data you enter into the new system is clean and accurate.  Take the time to sift through data to clean it properly prior to entering it into the new system.  Incorporating the problems from methods should be avoided.

BUSINESS PROCESS ANALYSIS – we highly recommend that you do some analysis on the needs of your business.  The business processes that you employ should ideally be flowcharted so you have an understanding of how they work.  For there it is easier to understand the needs of each process element from a software perspective.  The system you choose should provide good support for your processes.  Here are some sample flowcharts and pictures that are used during implementation of ERP123 that may give you some ideas.

IMPLEMENTATION IS CRUCIAL– we often see companies overspend on software and not leave themselves enough budget for proper implementation.  A great software system implemented poorly will likely give poor results.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT VENDOR – vendors who sell systems are there to sell you their system.  Most do not care if it is a good fit or not.  Ensuring that you get the right system fit is the biggest problem that each company buying ERP faces.  It goes without saying that the right vendor will have the right software for your business.  But the right vendor should have so much more.  Ensure they have knowledge of your industry and that they analyze the needs of your business thoroughly.  They should show you they care about the end result as much as you do.

ABOUT IntegrateIT – Even though we are a vendor of ERP systems (ERP123) we have always felt that our goal is help each client who we encounter get the right system.  Be that our systems or otherwise.  If we always do that then we are fulfilling our purpose in the systems marketplace.

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