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Got What it Takes to Self-Implement ERP123?

ERP veterans or educated ERP users see the value of ERP123 approach right away. As a matter of fact many will think our offering is to good to be true. But the the fact is, it is reality. ERP123 is an astounding value but that is only half of the equation.  The unseen value on the surface is the years of experience put in training DVDs, and used to create the most logical and effective solution for your business. Read this article in Canada’s leading financial newspaper and see why they called it a marvel.

Not only is our system comprehensive but our approach to sales, customer service and training mechanisms provide the most value on the market today bar none. Small and Mid-sized businesses can get ERP system without spending hundreds of thousand of dollars. We have many customers who can attest to that. As a matter of fact the Globe and Mail, Canada’s leading financial newspaper ran a story on how some one did it for less than $15 000. That is right a full system, with costing, accounting, scheduling, shop floor data collection and much more. Not everyone should expect to do that but it is possible if you have the previous ERP experience.

At IntegrateIT it is not about what our software can do it is about what are the best options for your business. Whether that means a fully customized solution to meet your business process or a complete hands off approach by us, IntegrateIT delivers what you need when you need it.