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The Only Self-Implementation Tools for ERP in the Marketplace

Control costs and choose the method that delivers the most bang for your buck.

Besides the software itself, the other key ingredient to ERP success is solid implementation and training that will transfer the necessary software and process knowledge to your users.  The vast majority of ERP products employ classrooms, workbooks, and personal training as their main methods of educating you.  Our experience is that these methods are inefficient and wasteful.  Waste in implementation typically results from poor user retention that creates the need for retraining.  The reality is that each company simply needs to implement and learn to use an ERP product at its own pace to avoid waste.  Training costs frequently exceed 2x the cost of the ERP software itself.  So how could implementation and training be packaged in a way that would remove waste, improve retention, and keep the overall cost of training to a level appropriate for the small business?

IntegrateIT answered this challenge by re-engineering its implementation and training delivery methods.  The end result of this endeavour is the U-Train-2 multimedia system for ERP123.  Composed of over 500 individual videos (WMV format), U-Train multimedia represents an approach to implementation and training that is both effective in transferring knowledge and cost effective.  Packed throughout with premium consulting information, these extensive videos feature Michael Carlo, a key process designer of ERP123.  Michael is an ERP implementation and design veteran with extensive business management expertise whose knowledge crosses many different types of manufacturing, service, and distribution-based businesses.  You could not ask for a better teacher.

During the videos Michael discusses all aspects of ERP123 software including:

  •        Set up and configuring ERP123
  •        What modules and processes are appropriate for your business
  •        Detailed review of all modules and system functions
  •        Business process overviews
  •        Detailed review of data flow
  •        How to use Queries and other system reports

Here are some examples from the U-Train video library

 Item Master Overview                                           Chart of Accounts
 Item Master Control tab                                       Purchase Order Receive Lot and Serial Control
 Screen Editing                                                        Transaction Summary Inquiry

U-Train Multimedia covers the complete range of functionality available within ERP123 and provides detailed data examples that will give you the information you need to assist you in the implementation.  During the videos Michael also dispenses a wide variety of advice associated with different businesses and best practice within the software.  Known as the “ERP Doctor”, U-Train archives the sum of Michael’s extensive knowledge of ERP123, implementation, and business process.  You will be able to learn at your own pace, and repeat it as often as you need to.  What could be better?

Other Training Options

We recognize that, despite the quality of U-Train-2 Multimedia that there will be situations where you will require additional help.  And it is for this reason that we offer two additional methods for your convenience.

Help Desk

The fastest way to get additional help is to call the IntegrateIT Help Desk toll free at 866-693-1379.  Manned by a team of knowledgeable business professionals, the Help Desk can provide answers to questions on the use of ERP123, and can also help you troubleshoot your more complex problems by utilizing GOTOMEETING , (www.gotomeeting.com), a web-based product that allows us to remotely access your computer so that we can see what you are seeing.  With your permission, we can also take control of your computer to show you how to do something.  It’s very secure, and you’re in complete control at all times.

Onsite Implementation

Sometimes there is no replacement for talking to someone in person so you can show him your problems and get relevant answers.  In these cases our team of business and technical specialists will be pleased to travel to your site to assist you directly.

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