Warehouse Management

The Inventory Management system within ERP123 provides quantity and location controls for your inventory. The location system supports multiple warehouses and multiple inventory locations (bins) within each warehouse.  This allows you to create anywhere from a single location per warehouse to detailed, multi-tier location tracking. If your business is distribution or logistics-based, ERP123 has the functionality you need to improve warehouse operations.

ERP123 is a real-time inventory system. There is no need for batch processing.   Features include:

  • Separate good inventory from quarantine inventory
  • Inspection, consignment and staging bins
  • Bin priority codes that categorize the desirability of storage locations
  • Can suggest the most desirable item to place in any bin
  • Transactions can be processed through any capable device (requires interfacing)

Lot and Serial Control

Each item in ERP123 has controls that allow you to determine whether it will require lot number or serial numbering. For businesses that require this type of inventory control, lot and serial controls ensure the ultimate in product traceability down to raw materials.

Inventory Transactions

ERP123 provides a full repertoire of transaction types for maintaining inventory records.

  • Transfers and Adjustments
  • Cycle Counting
  • Physical Inventory
  • Back-flushing and Picking
  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Shipping
  • Work Order Receiving and ScrapERP123 provides query modules that will allow you to drill into transaction data in the most flexible way possible.