Purchasing Management Software

Automate and streamline your purchasing processes

The questions are all too familiar.

  • ” Did we order that?”
  • “Did this come in yet?”
  • “What did we pay for that?”

The questions go on and on.  If you can’t get quick answers to these kinds of questions then or you just need a more organized procurement process, then let ERP123 make those problems a thing of the past.   ERP123′s purchasing management software gives your company the tools it needs to track, monitor and execute your purchasing needs.

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Features of the Purchasing Management modules include:PurchaseOrderOverviewChart
  • Fully integrated with Receiving and Accounts Payable (3-way match)
  • Fully integrated with MRP and Mass Order Release
  • Standard cost with purchase price variance
  • Approved supplier lists with multiple suppliers per item
  • Separate item ordering parameters for each item/supplier
  • Quantity sensitive contract pricing tables with effective date controls
  • Supplier part number (SKU) cross referencing
  • Charge purchases directly to jobs or to inventory
  • Use system to buy expense items with or without inventory tracking
  • Print product bar coded labels as product is received
  • Supplier metrics
  • Complete purchase history download for all items and all jobs

ERP123 is robust enough to manage the purchasing process for very complex scenarios.  With complete integration to the inventory management and financial systems, it supplies the tools to fit your business needs both today and in the future.  Turn chaos in order with ERP123 Purchasing Management.

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