Item Master & Related Data

The Complete Product Database

The Item Master is ERP123’s centralized product database. This core system module feeds its data to every other system module that requires item data.  The Item Master contains a huge range of data about each of your products including:

  • Detailed descriptions and multi-media images
  • Documents, product specifications, and control sheets
  • Lead-times and lot-sizing
  • Item classifications, categories, and groups
  • Weights and measures
  • Item costs (5 types) and cost settings
  • Policy controls and settings
  • Default financial accounts, divisions, and locations
  • Safety stock levels, shrink factors and planning controls
  • Approved suppliers list, pricing, and supplier part #’s
  • Variety of user-definable reference fields

The Item Master is broken up into tabs for ease of use.  Each tab focuses on particular data elements.

Product groups and categories

ERP123 allows you to categorize your inventory items using Product Groups. Each group is a family of similar items that have variable options, such as a device that has a choice of features. Each feature is considered to be a Category. Items are defined according to features and options they contain, and this drives search and reporting functions throughout the system.

The Item Master module contains a list of all of your part numbers (items).  An item can take many forms in ERP123

Item Master records contain descriptions, categorization, costs, inventory and cost controls, lot-sizing, vendors, prices and a whole lot more.