Engineering & Product Data Management

Build product structures with ease

ERP123 provides a fully featured engineering and product data management system interfaces product construction modules with quality management allowing you to create detailed specifications and processes for your products.  The main purpose of the product engineering modules is to feed data to the Work Order system.  Features include:

  •  Multi-level bills of material with phantom levels reduces the required number of work orders
  •  Detailed process Routings include procedures, parameters, drawings, and work instructions
  •  Each manufacturing process step (operations) has specific materials from the Bill of Material associated with it
  •  Drive overhead rates based on Work Centers
  •  Set target times and labour rates to compare against actual performance
  •  Mass change modules for updating Bills of Material and Routings

ERP123 also includes a Product Configurator that is accessible from the Sales Order Configurator module.  This feature is used to create Work Orders with custom Bills of Material.  Components are added and subtracted from the standard bill of material based on the answers to questions the Configurator asks the user to respond to.

Bills of Material

The ERP123 Bill of Material system provides an easy and effective means for creating and maintaining these critical documents.  Features of the system include:

  •  Graphical ‘tree-view’ representation of the product
  •  Graphical explosion/implosion
  •  Mass update and mass delete functions
  •  Effective date management
  •  Variable scrap percentages by component

Bills of Material are coupled with Routings to create a full product structure.


The ERP123 Routing system furnishes all information that pertains to the manufacturing process for an item.  This module, in conjunction with the Bill of Material, provides a complete hierarchy of manufacturing information for developing costs and schedules. Featured include:

  •  Materials backflush at specified process steps
  •  Detailed work instructions and drawings for each process step
  •  Standard labour rates, target times, variable time units
  •  Set up time amortization, crew sizes and efficiency factors
  •  Queue times set wait time between process steps
  •  Alternate routings and alternate work centers
  •  Tag processes with specific colour attributes to assist in scheduling processes such as paint lines
  •  Use same routing for like parts to reduce maintenance

Product Master

The Product Master module is specifically designed for the efficient creation of new standard products.  This module combines Item Master records, Bills of Material, and Routings into a single module, allowing you to copy entire product structures to create new ones.

This module reduces the available level of detail from those in the Bill of Material, Routing, and Item Master.  This simplifies the ERP123 engineering process for those that don’t need high levels of detail.  Other features include:

  •  Inherit Routings and/or Bills of Material from other products
  •  Integrated cost rollup and cost updating
  •  Supports customer-specific product versions

Quality Management

ERP123 provides support for your quality management system by integrating the following elements of your quality system into the software:

  •  Master files for procedures, parameters, drawings, and work instructions with revision controls
  •  Online availability of data reduces the need for hard copies on the plant floor
  •  Quality system document numbers on system forms
  •  Current drawings, work instructions, and other quality-based documents can be printed with the Work Order data package
  •  Detailed characteristics table for each Routing process step allows you to massively define process quality parameters


The Estimating system is used to create costed budgets for potential jobs or to do “what-if” costing on new or existing products.  Fully interfaced with the Sales Configurator module, Estimating allows you to figure your costs and then margin those costs to determine selling prices for various quantities.  Estimating includes all of the other necessary information necessary to creation a quotation, including the customer, terms, currencies and exchange rates.  Features include:

  •  Multi-level bill of materials with phantoms allows you to create subassembly levels
  •  Inherit BOM or Routing from existing products and modify
  •  Create Spec function turns Estimates into product creating Item Master, Bill of Material and Routing
  •  Material cost based on standards, actual, or user-defined “estimating” cost (future)
  •  Separate margin analysis and pricing for each batch size
  •  Support for miscellaneous additional costs
  •  Estimate simply or in detail

Data from the Estimating module is used to create the Sales Order and the Work Order when a job is awarded

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