Pick, Pack, and Ship

ERP123 – Watch as the Orders Flow Out the Door

ERP123 provides two major methods for getting your orders out the door.  One will be right for your business.

Picking Management

Warehousing or distribution-based environments need sophisticated processes that can manage high volumes of orders.  ERP123’s Picking Management modules provide the functionality you need to manage the efficiency of your warehouse and ensure the timely delivery of your product to its destination.  Picking in ERP123 is a highly formal process that normally employs the user of handheld scanning devices but these are not mandatory.  The major components of the Picking Management system are shown in the flowchart below.


Pick List Generator

Use this module to generate pick lists for processing based on the real-time availability of inventory.  The generator provides options for how to group your picking to ensure maximum efficiency of your warehouse staff.  This module is capable of generating picking volumes in excess of 1,000 orders per day and is designed to be ultra efficient for the user.  Features include:

  • Use date ranges to control which orders to pickPickListGenerator
  • Pick All Available mode
  • Customer Priorities
  • Automated backorder management
  • Picking from specific warehouses, bins, or groups that combine these elements
  • Pick for specific order types or items
  • Support for picking lot or serial controlled items
  • Picking is the right
Pick List Batch Print

Control the flow of Pick Lists to the floor using the Batch Print module.  Alternatively, select the Pick List from a handheld scanning device such as the one shown

mc9090Pick List Receive

The Pick List Receive module provides a process for confirming that the items being picked are correct for the order.  This is normally done with the handheld scanner in situations where the product is bar-coded (this can be done during receiving).  Where there are no scanners Pick List Receive is done using a suitable computer and a tethered scanner.  Either way, the process is designed to ensure that the items picked correctly match the order.  Scanners are extremely useful in that they can provide feedback when the user picks an incorrect item.

Pick List Receive is also integrated with the ERP123 Credit Card Management module.  ERP123 captures the funds in real-time and will stop the picking of any order that  has failed either credit authorization or capture.

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Freight Integration / Shipping

Once a Pick List is received then it is a simple task in ERP123 to indicate that the shipment has left the premises.  Optionally, you can add integration to a freight management system such as UPS or FedEx.  These integrations will manage your packages, print labels, and create manifests.  Once the courier scans the order out it is automatically marked in ERP123 as shipped.  All packaging tracking information as well as package cost (and selling) are transferred back to ERP123.  Click on Package Tracking numbers in ERP123 to zoom to the carrier package tracking website

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The Shipping module in ERP123 is a more simplistic approach to shipping product than Picking Management.  There is no formal Pick List in this method and the process for shipping is ultra-simple.  This module also can produce a variety of documentation including packing slips, bills of lading and export documents.  Features include:

  • Automatic management of back orders
  • Bar-code scanning ready with support for ANSI standards
  • Lot and serial control support
  • Unit of measure conversion
  • Carriers, freight sales/costs
  • Weights and measures

Click here for the U-Train Multimedia video on ERP123 Shipping