Sales Reporting

Detailed sales data just like you’ve always wanted

ERP123 gives you the best in Sales Reporting including graphical modules that allow you to compare and analyze sales for all of your products.   A wide variety of reports provide both summary and detailed sales for your products, product groups,customers, customer groups and a wide variety of other grouping options.  Reports include total sales and open sales summarized by day, month, or fiscal year as well as margin analysis, gross margin projections, effective of cost changes, forecast vs actual as well as other common metrics.

Features of all ERP123 reporting systems include:

  • All reports download to Excel as well as many other popular file formats
  • “Super-Query” modules provide spreadsheet views with interactive querying of data
  • Create and save your own user-specific report formats specifying which report columns to show

ERP123 also interfaces seamlessly with Sybase (now SAP) InfoMaker.  Similar to Crystal Reports, InfoMaker allows for the creation of additional reports using system templates.  You can also use it to change forms such as Order Acknowledgements or Invoices.

Click below for ERP123 Sales Report samples


Sales by Product Group

Margin Report

Gross Margin by Item

Margin Chart

Margin by Product Group

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