Sales Order Entry Modules

Delight your Customers

When it comes to Quotation or Order Entry ERP123 covers all the bases.  The system provides a variety of different sales order modules that can be utilized depending on the characteristics of your business.  One of our sales order software modules will be right for you.  Each of these modules allow you to effectively enter, print, and manage your quotations and orders.

Sales Order – V5SO5

Sales Order version 5 is our standard module for use in repetitive manufacturing  and distribution-based business models.  This incredibly powerful module brings together a wealth of functionality including the following:

  • Multiple ship-to locations
  • Customer Master provides default terms, preferred carriers, sales reps
  • Credit management
  • Customer part number cross-reference
  • Hierarchy-based pricing system with standard pricing, customer groups, discounting and contract prices supporting by effective date ranges
  • Instant item availability

Sales Order 5 will give you an ultra efficient sales and quotation processing module capable of handling high volumes of orders with multiple users simultaneously entering data.  It’s a grid-based layout is easy to understand and navigate.  Orders can be entered or can first be entered as a quotations and then convert them to an order later.

Take a look at the process of Order Entry into Sales Order – V5

Sales Order – Configurator

The ERP123 Sales Order – Configurator module is typically used in custom or project-based manufacturing businesses.  This sales order software module is used where order or quotations are of a more complex nature.  It fully interfaces with the ERP123 Estimating module and also contains our list-based Product Configurator.  The configurator can be used to assemble and price products by using a base Configuratorconfiguration for the product and then adding or subtracting features.  This supports catalog systems based on features/options nomenclature.

While slower to use then SO-V5 this sales order software module provides an exception degree of extensive functionality if and when you need it.  Enter quotes or orders, convert quotes to orders, and reference the associated cost estimates.  This module is ideal or “mixed mode” manufacturers.

This module also supports milestone-style quotations and orders for use in Project Management environments.  This sales order software module is preferred by our most complicated project-based clients.

See the Quick Vid on entering an order using the Sales Order – Configurator

Sales Order POS

For those business that require cross functionality there is Sales Order Retail.  This sales order software module combines all of the SO-POSdistribution-based features of Sales Order – V5 with our Point of Sales module.  This is ideal in businesses where a significant volume of orders involve direct counter-sales.  Using SO Retail you can process orders just like POS but, in addition, you can also back-order items.  This module works with both Contract Pricing tables and Standard (catalog) pricing.

Click on a pic for a screenshot of the Sales Order Point of Sale module