Order Control Center

Get fast and efficient answers about customer orders with the OCC

Customer service, purchasing, production, sales, managers, owners all need the same thing……answers.  And when you need answers about an order in ERP123 you have to look no further than the Order Control Center for the answers you need.   It provides you with a highly detailed overview of the status of any customer order AND it does it all from a single screen!  Ideal of job or project-based situations, the Order Control Center brings together all of the information associated with a “job” to a single focus in this powerful module including data associated with:

  • Sales Order – see Sold To, Bill To, Ship To data, items, quantities, prices, line item details, order comments
  • Work Orders – see the complete status of the associated work orders in manufacturing
  • Purchase Orders – see the status of purchase orders charged directly to the job
  • Shipping – see shipping transaction details including carrier and package tracking details
  • Invoice – see the associated Accounts Receivable invoices
  • Accounts Payable – see the associated Accounts Payable invoices

You can view the details on screen or drill down right to and edit the source document if your security settings permit it.  Click on the pic below for an expanded view of the main Control Center screen


Get a detailed overview of the Order Control Center module by watching this video from the U-Train Multimedia library.

Order Control Center (video 10 minutes)

It’s a One-Stop Shop for Project or Job-based order data

The Order Control Center not only brings all of the information for a customer order together, it also allows you to transact and edit the associated data and documents.  This truly turns it into a “one-stop shop” for any particular job or project and that makes it a favorite of project managers and customer service people everywhere.

Transactional features of the OCC include:

  •     Create a Sales Order
  • Release Work Orders
  • Report production and related data
  • Pick materials to the job (usage of inventory items)
  • Create purchase orders (items charged directly to the job)
  • Create shipments, print packing slips, and bills of lading

The power of the ERP123 Order Control Center module will improve the efficiency of your customer service and order management efforts from the top of your business to the bottom

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