Estimating & Quoting

Estimating – The Best Way to Ensure Profitable Quoting

Small Business owners and managers who spend a lot of time quoting new jobs will tell you they need better tools to reduce the time they invest to properly cost their quotations.  It’s the only way to ensure profit margins.  They also need to be able to quickly create estimates and quotes and then convert quotes into orders.  Double entry of data, tracking changes or calling up old quotes can be a problem in environments that do not have a proper estimating environment.Est-Prices

The ERP123 Estimating module is fully integrated to the product costing and item detail databases so that all of the system costs for a manufactured assembly or a raw material are at your fingertips including the standard cost, actual cost, or last transacted cost.  By setting up templates in the Estimating module the Routing for the job is preset to a standard list of activities from which you can add, delete, or modify.  Add bills of material or start an estimate from the product structure of another item for “same as except for” logic.  The high level process associated with Estimating is shown below:


Because an estimate contains both the product structure information as well as the customer, pricing, terms, and currencies, you can easily create a quotation from an estimate.  And you can have as many estimates on a single quote as you wish.  This allows you to provide options based quotations that will suppress totals on quotations.

Once your estimates are complete you will link them to your quotation, add additional comments and verbiage, and create a quotation tht you can print.  Estimates are perpetual so that even though turn an estimate into a quote it stays in the estimating data base forever, waiting to be recalled and copied or examined.  Whether you need highly detailed estimates or simple, low detail estimates the ERP123 Est-BOMEstimating module gives you all the tools you need to provide your customers with timely and accurate quotes that ensure your profit margins.

With minor modification ERP123 Estimating can accommodate special industry conditions and incorporate special mathematics so that it can adapted to fit the specific needs of your unique business.

The best way experience the power of the Estimating module is to watch the Estimating Overview video