Give your Sales Team the EDGE with ERP123 CRM

The ERP123 Customer Relationship Management or CRM software modules allow you to store and manage the all of your contacts and business opportunities.   CRM is about managing new contacts, turning those into leads and opportunities and managing issues through the sales process. Frequently utilized in front-end sales funnelling processes the ERP123 CRM module will become the centerpiece for your sales activities.

Standard features of CRM include:CRM

  • Multiple, detailed contacts
  • Default comments associated with system documents (acknowledgements, invoices, PO’s etc..)
  • Issue and event tracking with follow-up reminders
  • Send messages to users when customer or supplier records are accessed
  • Real-time statistics for open orders, open AR, YTD sales, open PO’s, open AP
  • Sales leads and detailed opportunity tracking
  • Use the categorization mechanisms to create and monitor sales funnel activity
  • Control and mine your data from cold calling activity

CRM can help others too.  It also contains all of your Suppliers and offers most of the functionality associated with your customers to your suppliers as well.   Purchasing can store information and comments on new vendors, track issues and problem resolutions, and attach documents and pictures.  Finance can track and manage confidential correspondence with both customer and suppliers, and  send system messages to users with pertinent data when a customer or supplier contacts you.

When a new contact becomes a customer it is a simple matter for you to convert their CRM record to a customer record.  All of the previously associated data remains preserved.

Keep your sales staff and customers connected.  With ERP123 CRM leads don’t slip thru the cracks, issues don’t get lost and your people save valuable time