123smlcrop  Module Overview

Setup Modules

ERP123 does what YOU NEED IT TO DO

Each functional section of ERP123 (sales management, inventory management etc..) has a set-up module that allows you to select the system features that will govern how the system will function within that section.  This is accomplished through the use of system flags.  Each flag controls a process or an aspect of a process.  By activating and deactivating flags you can tailor the processes in ERP123 to suit the needs of your specific business.  The U-train Multimedia system explains the purpose that each flag serves.  Use this to assist you in setting up ERP123 quickly and efficiently.

ERP123 is divided in more than 200 modules and this modular approach facilitates user security and allows you to make the system very specific to the needs of each user.    It also allows you implement the system in a modular way.  Modules can be turned on as you need them and as the needs of your business grow.  And you’ll never pay anything extra.  Each ERP123 user license comes complete with all available system modules (some exceptions).  And you receive all new modules as your system is upgraded as part of the Software Maintenance program.

Learn More about some of the functional areas of ERP123

Customer Management Software Inventory Software Purchasing Software Manufacturing Management Engineering and Product Data Management Accounting and Finance

ERP will handle the needs of your business from front to back but that doesn’t mean you have to implement everything at once. Many companies will choose the functionality their organization needs now and then expand the use of ERP123 over time.   In this way the system matures as your business does and change as your business requires.

See these brief descriptions below to get some ideas on the types of things ERP123 can help you do.

General System
  • ODBC 32 or 64-bit
  • EDI
  • Barcode ready (Code 39)
  • User definable menus, field names, and field positions
  • Security to the field level
  • Email integration via Outlook or SMTP server
  • Easy queries and data exporting (multiple available data formats)
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Office
  • Customize toolbars to create workflow
Inventory Management
  • Supports inventory transactions using barcoding or RFID
  • Purchasing with integrated receiving and label printing
  • Multi-dimensional item records with user-definable data fields
  • Multi-location warehouse management system (WMS) with integrated order picking
  • User definable unit of measure (UOM) conversions
  • Approved suppliers list with supporting contract pricing tables
  • MRPII ( materials requirement planning) (APICS) supports material planning
  • Shortage management
  • Backflushing, picking or kanban methods of inventory relief
  • Lot and serial# tracking including nesting
  • Items used for maintenance and tooling
  • Handles purchase of consumable non-inventory items
  • Customer and vendor part number cross references
  • Annual physical/cycle counting
Sales and Customer Management
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) module including:
    • Unlimited contacts
    • Issue tracking with automated reminders
    • Attach issues to Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
    • Attach documents, pictures, emails
    • Automated messaging/comments
    • Sales call reports
  • Order entry
  • Multi-currency quoting and pricing
  • List pricing with discounting
  • Quantity-based contract pricing tables by customer
  • Cost estimates
  • Order templates by customer
  • Ship direct orders
  •  Automated backorder management
  • Product Kits
  • Customer Sales Forecasting
  • Product configuration (parametric)
  • Integrated credit management and credit card processing
  • Fully integrated e-commerce
Warehousing and Distribution
  • Rules-based order picking with priories
  • Multi-location inventory picking and put-away
  • Supports handheld scanning devices
  • Picking confirmation processes where applicable
  • Shipping, packing slips, other documents
  • Freight management system integrations (UPS, FedEx…)
  • Work orders with multi-level bills of material
  • Automated work order scheduling
  • Integrated production receiving
  • Finite work-center based scheduling
  • Capacity and manpower planning
  • Bar-code based time clock and shop floor reporting
  • Labour efficiency
  • Indirect labour tracking
  • Process-based work order instructions and drawings
  • Quality incident and down time reporting
  • In process label printing

Finance and Accounting
  • User configurable chart of accounts controls income statement and balance sheet display
  • Standard, actual cost and job costing methods for manufacturing
  • Standard, average, and lot costing methods for buy/sell products
  • Accounts Receivable fully integrated with Sales Orders and Shipping
  • Accounts Payable fully integrated with Purchasing and Receiving (3-way match)
  • General ledger with multi-level chart of accounts
  • Detailed multi currency and exchange tracking
  • Accruals and reversals
  • User definable terms and schedules
  • Batch or real-time transaction posting
  • Undo feature simplifies corrections and provides full traceability
  • Templates and recurring/reversing entries
  • Real-time WIP (Work-in-Process), Inventory and COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)
  • Manufacturing and purchase price variances
  • Labour and overhead accruals
  • Purchase price averaging (time-based and rolling)
  • Real costing (purchase price and actual shop floor)
  • Project-based costing
  • Margin and job-cost analysis
Product Data Management
  • Multi-level bills of material with phantoms
  • Routings with alternate rates, work centers and instructions
  • Backflushing of raw materials based on Routing operations
  • Work Centers and Departments
  • Quality procedures and work instructions
  • Displays drawings from CAD
  • Rapid data entry tools
Additional Features and Flexibility
  • Extensive executive information reporting package
  • Employees and basic HR data
  • Quality system (ISO, QS, TS) document support
  • “Super-Query” data reporting modules allows easy access to data and user-definable views
  • Superior speed and data integrity