Repetitive Manufacturing

Making the same things everyday – while simultaneously reducing the cost

In today’s global marketplace remaining competitive means you must continually evaluate the effectiveness of your business performance and its associated costs.   You know  that if  you aren’t cost competitive you won’t be able to grow your business.  Your customers get more demanding as time passes and as contracts come up for renewal.  So, it becomes imperative to be able to analyze and dissect your costs so that they are understandable to you, enabling you to take action.  And that is the “three-legged stool” of cost reduction.  Performance, analysis, correction/improvement.

If cost reduction is one of the pillars of repetitive manufacturing than another is the ability to meet customer demands without carrying excessive inventory.  This means that you must be able to properly plan and manage your supply chain more proactively than ever before.

Repetitive manufacturing requires stability and predictability.  On-time delivery is of the utmost importance when your customer is an automotive assembly line that costs thousands of dollars per hour to operate.  And your job is to make sure you don’t let down your customer.

For the repetitive manufacturer, ERP123 handles everything from initial client contact to delivery and aftermarket support.  It will seamless manage your critical business data giving you the metrics that allow you to continuously improve your operational performance and reduce your costs.  Operational activities are optimized through user-friendly applications that tightly support your internal business process. Key system features for the repetitive manufacturer include:

Sales Planning / Master Production Scheduling
Sales Forecasting
New Product Cost Estimating
Detailed Product Structure data including multi-level bills of material and process-based routings
Quality system support for drawings, work procedures, and detailed metrics
Serial and Lot control product and material traceability
Multi-warehouse, multi-location inventory management system
MRP-based inventory management system with integrated shortage management
Detailed scheduling and resource planning
Scrap reporting and defective product management
Bar-coded shop floor data collection
Flexible costing processes/cost types
Supports EDI, XML and other file data transfer protocols

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Other functional highlights

Here is a short list of other value-added processes that ERP123 provides for use within a repetitive manufacturing environment:

  • Accounts Receivable fully integrated with Sales and Shipping
  • Accounts payable fully integrated with Purchasing and Receiving (3-way match)
  • CRM to manage your contacts, prospects, and their issues
  • Full, real-time manufacturing GL with variances
  • Rework management
  • Bar-coded label printing
  • Robust Sales and Order Entry systems
  • Flexible sales pricing capabilities including discounts from list, contract pricing, quantity-based  discounting

With ERP123 you can implement modules in a phased manner.  Implement what your company needs now and then implement additional modules as you deem them necessary.  Or do everything at once.  It really doesn’t matter with ERP123.  We have an implementation process that will meet your needs.  Just ask us.

At IntegrateIT  we believe that your ERP software package should conform to what you need and want it to do.

Designed by people who understand what repetitive manufacturing is all about,  ERP123 is the right solution

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Custom Manufacturing

Control all facets of the job thru one screen, turn the estimate to an order in the push of a button.

Repetitive Manufacturing

Capacity planning, forecasts, EDI, Bar coding, Scrap reporting are just some of the tools you can use.

Mixed Mode Manufacturing

ERP123 is full of functionality to let your people get the job done and quickly.

Distribution & Wholesale

ERP 123 pack is full functionality to let your people get the job done and quickly


Manage assets and workforce from Timbuktu to Kalamazoo, Stay connected in In Sync with ERP 123.