123smlcrop  Project-Based Manufacturing

A Different Challenge Every Day

In order to compete in an ever-changing global marketplace many companies can no longer focus on one single stream of revenue or style of manufacturing.  Diversity helps you grow when things are good and protects you from collapse when things are bad.

At IntegrateIT we understand the challenges of project-based manufacturers.  And that is why ERP123 provides a highly-functional ERP platform that gives a project-based manufacturer the right kind of software tools to simplify management of your projects, customer expectations, revenues and costs.  And IntegrateIT has the “know how” to to get the most out of ERP123 at your facility.  See what our customer have to say.

Project-based manufacturing involves managing internal manufacturing activities and meshing them properly with other activities that are being subcontracted.  No matter the degree of internal manufacturing or subcontracting ERP123 has what it takes to co-ordinate all the schedules, trap all the costs, and ensure that revenue milestones are met.

Here are some functional highlights of ERP123 designed to meet the needs of project-based manufacturers

Sales Management
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management module that provides unlimited contacts, opportunity tracking and planning
  • Fast, flexible, multi-level cost estimating supported by templates
  • Interfaces with CAD systems will extract bill of material data directly into ERP123
  • Complex quoting that allows you to properly separate project cost elements
  • Print or email detailed quotation documents or order acknowledgements
  • Order entry modules that allow for the most efficient data entry and pricing
  • Supports estimating, product configuration, and standard inventory items
  • Currency conversion
  • Supports milestone payments
  • Commissions
Project Management
  • Dashboards designed to simplify managing, tracking, and transacting against projects
  • Event creation, reminders
  • All systems documents are easily associated with the project as they are created
  • All external documents associated with a project can be attached for reference
  • All data is real-time
  • Run repetitive, job-based, and project-based manufacturing at the same time within a single system
  • Bar code based time clock and shop floor data collection provides real-time manufacturing data to customer service
  • Three levels of project costing – Original budgeted, current budget,  actual cost
  • Supports standard bills of material and routings for repetitive manufactured items
  • Finite-capacity scheduling
  • Manpower planning
Warehouse and Materials Management
  • Real-time inventory availability and shortages
  • MRP (Materials Requirements Planning)
  • Purchase directly against projects or purchase to inventory and withdraw
  • Print barcoded labels in receiving
  • lity system support
  • Scrap reporting
  • Charge purchases directly to jobs
  • Location management
  • Material picking by work order or project
Finance & Accounting
  • Real-time financial reporting
  • Milestone payment schedules
  • Supports actual purchase cost and standard costing
  • Costing methods variable item by item
  • Revenue recognition moves revenue and cost to the GL based on percentage complete
Now that makes more sense !!

Custom or project-based manufacturers who take milestone based payments and expend money on projects often face problems in getting the revenue and cost numbers to be truly reflective of the performance of the business.  Revenue recognition methodology keeps defers revenue to the balance sheet and accrues cost in work in process, then moves both simultaneously to the income statement based on how complete you believe the job to be at the time of reporting.   This will make your monthly statements meaningful.

It’s All You Need

ERP123 gives you the flexibility to handle multiple business process but also to approach the implementation in a staged approach which allows your people to learn and  implement and still run the business on a day to day basis. IntegrateIT’s staff can assist to any level you desire, providing years of experience and insight into different methods of achieving the end goal of optimum efficiency and profitability.

ERP123 – designed to meet the needs of Project-Based Manufacturers

ERP - Custom Manufacturing ERP - Repetitive Manufacturing ERP - Distribution and Wholesale ERP - Mixed Mode Manufacturing ERP - Service Industry

Custom Manufacturing

Estimate the job, easily convert it into an order, order materials, track actual labour and material costs, charge purchases to the job, job costing

Repetitive Manufacturing

Supports all aspects of repetitive manufacturing highly suitable for automotive EDI, forecasting, facility planning, scheduling, MRP, barcoding, metrics

Warehousing & Logistics

Warehouse management, workforce management, storage, and value-added processes means ERP 123 fully supports the logistics industry

Product Distribution

ERP 123 supports distribution businesses from order entry, through picking and shipping to replenishment