Custom Manufacturing

Where Every Job is Different

Custom manufacturing business come in all shapes and sizes.   And that means that their systems need to do the same.  And that can be difficult.  For example, systems designed to excel at repetitive manufacturing may not have the functionality that a custom manufacturer needs .  For the purposes of discussion we will group the following under the umbrella of “Custom Manufacturers”

  • Product Configuration (Configure to Order)
  • Project-based manufacturing
  • Job Shop
  • Engineer to Order

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Some major industries, such as the construction industry, fall totally within the walls of custom manufacturing ERP.

Custom Manufacturing = Custom ERP

ERP products that can support different custom manufacturing scenarios need to have a lot of features and flexibilities because custom manufacturing is such a diverse field.  Quite often the chosen system will still require some customization in order to better support business-special or industry-specific needs that the standard system does not adequately provide for.  For some custom manufacturers it can be very important to ensure that the ERP platform purchased can accommodate customizations where necessary.

Custom manufacturing takes on many different forms and the processes behind each organization can be different, ERP123’s  flexibility allows you to wrap the system around your processes rather than the other way around. If you have processes you feel need improving our experience staff will aid you in finding the best and most efficient way for your business.

Product Configuration

ERP123’s Sales Order provides a list-based parametric product configurator that is designed to create custom items using a base part number and then option nomenclature to represent other part number segments.  Product pricing is built on the options selected.  The configurator then creates a work order with the customized bill of material and manufacturing process required to build that item.  The configurator presents itself to the user in the form of list-based questions and answers and guides the user through the process.

Project-Based Manufacturing

ERP123 provides project-based manufacturers with exactly what they need:

  • Sophisticated estimating with multi-level structures and element costing
  • Concise views of overall tasks, schedule, % complete
  • Budget vs actual cost tracking for every activity or project element
  • Charge purchases directly to jobs
  • Revenue / Cost simultaneous recognition based on %complete
  • Project-based financial reporting


Job Shop

ERP123 makes running your job shop simple and effective.  Here are some key features:

  • Automated job-scheduling on work order release
  • Use combinations of standard inventory items and purchases directly charged
  • Break a job into elements for costing purposes
  • Machine capacity and manpower planning
  • Bar-code based shop floor reporting
Order Control Center

Custom manufacturers love the ERP123 Order Control Center module.  This screen will serve as the one-stop for your sales team to check up on any project or job as it progress.  It also facilitates direct reporting of production, issuing of purchase orders and shipping against the specific job.  All AR and AP invoices associated with the job are also displayed.  Each section of the module provides full drill down.  It’s always the favorite module of Customer Service.


Other general functional highlights include:

  • CRM module to manage your contacts and prospects
  • Use templates to create multi-level, multi-currency cost estimates with detailed margin analysis
  • Detailed labour and material budgets with real-time actuals
  • Link to CAD system to create bills of material from CAD drawing
  • Use “generic items” for one-time purchases (non-inventory items)
  • Job costs post automatically to the GL

Implementing the parts of ERP123 that will give you the most payback at the beginning is a great way to get some immediate payback.  Then expand your use of the system as time and budgets permit.  You get all system modules when you purchase ERP123 and you can implement them as the need dictates.  See our blog about Staged approaches.

Whether your business is making something different every time or a mix of repetitive and custom manufacturing, ERP123 will provide everything you need to properly measure the performance of your business from front to back. And it will make life a lot easier along the way.

ERP123 is custom manufacturing through and through.

ERP - Custom Manufacturing ERP - Repetitive Manufacturing ERP - Distribution and Wholesale ERP - Mixed Mode Manufacturing ERP - Service Industry

Repetitive Manufacturing

Capacity planning, forecasts, EDI, Bar coding, Scrap reporting are just some of the tools you can use.

Warehousing & Logistics

Warehouse management, workforce management, storage, and value-added processes means ERP 123 fully supports the logistics industry

Project-Based Manufacturing

ERP123 is the right choice for project-based manufacturers and the construction industry

Product Distribution

ERP 123 supports distribution businesses from order entry, through picking and shipping to replenishment