123smlcrop  Configure-to-Order Manufacturing

The right solution for products that offer a fixed set of options

The nature of some manufacturing businesses has them take a base product type and then add additional features and options that were chosen by the customer to “configure” the product to their exact specification.  We refer to this as Configure-to-Order manufacturing and ERP123 supports it with it’s list-based Product Configurator module.  The ERP123 Product Configurator is the most efficient way to create orders for custom products.

What is a Product Configurator?configurator

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In ERP123 the Product Configurator is a sales tool that takes the end user through a logical series of questions.  The user must provide answers to these quesetions.  As they do ERP123 uses the product configuration data to do the following:

  • Dynamically create the bill of material and the work order for the item
  • Calculate the price
  • Creates a “smart part number” based on nomenclature for the chosen options
How Does it Work?

Product Configurators add an addition level of detail to the system product structure files.  The basic concept of the configurator involves taking adding a bill of material for the “base model” and then altering it based on the options selected.  This means that are are also bills of material for the manufactured options.

The product configuration data layer begins with questions.  Each question can have a series of answers.  And each answer can tell the system to take one or more actions.   The actions tell the system how to alter the base Bill of Material and Routing for the product.  As each option is chosen the system makes the necessary alterations.   The end result is a custom bill of material and routing for the finished goods item that will be used to generate a work order to make it.

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Custom Manufacturing

Estimate the job, easily convert it into an order, order materials, track actual labour and material costs, charge purchases to the job, job costing

Repetitive Manufacturing

Supports all aspects of repetitive manufacturing highly suitable for automotive EDI, forecasting, facility planning, scheduling, MRP, barcoding, metrics

Project-Based Manufacturing

ERP123 is the right choice for project-based manufacturers and the construction industry

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Warehouse management, workforce management, storage, and value-added processes means ERP 123 fully supports the logistics industry

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ERP 123 supports distribution businesses from order entry, through picking and shipping to replenishment