123smlcrop   A Better Approach to ERP

Flexible, affordable, comprehensive ERP for small and mid-size businesses

ERP123 is not just software.   It is an innovative approach designed to reduce risk, reduce cost and deliver the optimum business solution for your company.

ERP123 provides flexibility, ease of use and is a complete end-to-end solution that your company can both manage and afford. Built on a solid, proven foundation of Sybase database technology,  ERP123 easily handles high data volumes and remains fast and reliable.  Secure your system by creating your own user menus from the nearly available 300 modules so that users only see what you want them to.  And, when you add over 50 hours of video training that assist in the implementation of the software in each functional area of your business you’ve got a winner.  You’ve got ERP123

And it works in virtually any type of manufacturing, distribution, or logistics-based environment.

 Great ERP software is only part of what you need!

You’ll need great software if you want to run a great business.  But, the biggest problem we see in our industry is when companies buy a great ERP software package but then implementing it poorly.   Often, we see customers skimp on the implementation because of the cost.  Indeed, in a well implemented ERP solution the cost of the implementation can exceed the cost of the software itself by a factor of 2 or more.  So, the challenge is how can you reduce the cost of your implementation without reducing the results.

The answer is the U-Train Multimedia Training System .  U-Train provides detailed tutorials on the complete use of ERP123 and, because  it’s video, you can watch it again and again.  Broken into more than 450 videos with over 50 total hours of content the U-Train Multimedia system covers every aspect of the use of ERP123 from the time you first log in to the moment you make it LIVE for the first time.  By using U-Train to help you implement ERP123 and save you $,000’s.  The end result is a system that fits your business with the lowest permissible cost.

Testing 123…..

When you’re implementing an ERP system you need somewhere to test the software processes to ensure they are configured in a way suitable for your business.  In ERP123 we provide the PlayGround feature that allows you to take your live ERP environment and copy it.  Then, you can log into the copy and test your system configuration.  The Playground can also be used after you’ve gone LIVE to simulate different situations and then implement the best one into the LIVE system.

The right software+reduced risk+reduced cost = Optimum business solution

Sample Videos

Take the erp123quicktour to see what ERP123 can do for your business. (2 min)

See the power of the Sales Management modules in the Sales Overview  (8 min 43 sec)

See the depth of the financial system in ERP123 with this Accounting system overview. (10 min 28 sec)

ERP123 – It’s All You’ll Need!

Here are some bullet point features lists of major functional areas of ERP123:

General System
  • ODBC 32-bit
  • EDI capable
  • Barcode ready (Code 39)
  • User definable menus
  • Security to the field level
Inventory Management
  • Purchasing with integrated receiving and label printing
  • Multi-dimensional item records with user-definable data fields
  • Multi-location warehouse management system (WMS) with integrated picking
  • User definable units of measure conversions
  • Approved suppliers list with contract pricing tables
  • MRPII ( materials requirement planning) (APICS)
  • Shortage management
  • Backflushing, picking or kanban methods of inventory relief
  • Lot and serialization tracking including nesting
  • Items used for maintenance and tooling
  • Handles purchase of consumable non-inventory items
  • Customer and vendor part number cross references
  • Annual physical/cycle counting
Sales and Customer Management
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) module including:
    • Unlimited contacts
    • Issue tracking with automated reminders
    • Attach issues to Sales Orders, Purchase Orders
    • Attach documents, pictures, emails
    • Automated messaging/comments
    • Sales call reports
  • Order entry
  • Multi-currency quoting and pricing
  • List pricing with discounting
  • Quantity-based contract pricing tables by customer
  • Cost estimates
  • Order templates by customer
  • Ship direct orders
  •  Automated backorder management
  • Product Kits
  • Customer Sales Forecasting
  • Product configuration (parametric)
  • Integrated credit management and credit card processing
  • Work orders with multi-level bills of material
  • Automated work order scheduling
  • Integrated production receiving
  • Finite work-center based scheduling
  • Capacity and manpower planning
  • Bar-code based time clock and shop floor reporting
  • Labour efficiency
  • Indirect labour tracking
  • Process-based work order instructions and drawings
  • Quality incident and down time reporting
  • In process label printing

Finance and Accounting
  • User configurable chart of accounts controls income statement and balance sheet display
  • Standard, actual cost and job costing methods
  • Accounts Receivable fully integrated with Sales Orders and Shipping
  • Accounts Payable fully integrated with Purchasing and Receiving (3-way match)
  • General ledger with multi-level chart of accounts
  • Detailed multi currency and exchange tracking
  • Accruals and reversals
  • User definable terms and schedules
  • Batch or real-time transaction posting
  • Undo feature simplifies corrections and provides full traceability
  • Journal entry templates
  • Reversing entries
  • Real-time WIP, Inventory and COGS
  • Manufacturing and purchase price variances
  • Labour and overhead accruals

Learn More about some of the functional areas of ERP123

Customer Management Software Inventory Software Purchasing Software Manufacturing Management

A system that’s grows with YOU!

Just because ERP123 targets the small to mid-sized business doesn’t mean that it a small system.  To the contrary, the technology that powers ERP123 also powers companies with the high volumes of data in the industry.  Not only does ERP123 support high data volumes but it also supports user counts of more than 100 concurrent system users and maintains transaction processing speeds.  The largest clients using ERP123 have sales well in excess of $100 million annually.

IntegrateIT believes that giving a business the tools it needs when it is small will act like a catalyst to propel it to the next level of revenue and size. And once you get to your goal you will likely still have the functionality you need to take you beyond. That’s because ERP123 has the functionality that larger corporations seek, which means you might never have to switch systems again.  Hooray!!

ERP123 was created in a modular way to allow you to deploy it in a phased manner.  Since all modules are included in the base system price you can turn on what you need when you need it.  Small business ERP has never been more functional, flexible or affordable.

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ERP123 brings the system capabilities of big business to YOUR business