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What Now! Part 5

Be Realistic With The Budget  There is always a sticker shock that comes with the cost of purchase and implementation of an Erp system. In a mid-sized company the true cost of implementation for an ERP software package will start at 70% of the cost of the software and could be as much as 300%. […]

What Now! Part 4

The True Cost of ERP: Implementation  The cost of a complete, end to end ERP implementation project is very high It is critical for an organization to make the project a success and start deriving benefits out of it as fast as possible. But what is it that makes an ERP implementation project successful?  There […]

What Now! Part 3

Get to know the vendor and your people  The industry analogy is: we are about to get married, shouldn’t we get to know each other better first? Choose the right vendor for the right reasons. Don’t buy based on demonstrations that stress the “bells and whistles”. Use the information you gathered from your analysis to […]

What Now! Part 2

What You Need vs What You Want  Identifying the pain – What is it that has brought you to the table in the first place? Do you need to streamline production, keep better track of job costs or improve the quality of quoting and estimating? Whatever the reason, now is the time to analyze your […]

What Now!

The first of 5 parts You have decided that an ERP system is what you need to transform your business into the vibrant successful organization we all dream about, now what? Erp systems are a robust complicated beasts and buying one without a plan would be like giving your 16 year old the keys to […]

Tec Certified

IntegrateIT is pleased to announce that we have become a TEC Certified Vendor. TEC specializes in impartial and quantifiable software selection. Their unique Web-based technology allows them to deliver a variety of software evaluation and selection services online, and to deliver results in far less time than traditional consulting engagements. They don’t represent, resell, or implement […]

Are You Prepared!

We all know, the Japanese people and the Japanese industrial machine are in disarray to say the least! They are a nation in shock and in mourning, but also recovery. The Japanese are a resilient people and their rebuilding will begin sooner rather than later but amidst their despair, exists opportunity. Their North American plants are already […]

IN Blind Pursuit of Technology

Today I am reminded of one of the more memorable installations I have done over my career.  As it always seems to turn out, the more difficult jobs bring greater reward for the client and for me as well.  The company I was working with had purchased a rather good ERP package from a local […]

Erp Software ON Site vs On Line

ERP Software? As though ERP was not confusing enough, there is now a debate about software delivery! Should you buy it and host it on-site or access it online (saas). Let IntegrateIT and Commport clear the air! Join Mike Carlo and Brian Miles for an informative webinar on the benefits of ERP along with a […]

Do you Want a Craftsman Or Are You a DIY Guy

 How are you at home renovations? Me, I always thought of myself as a capable guy,  although I would never dare call myself a craftsman! I have completed, proudly, my share of renovations, but I also had my share of do-overs. You know, the jobs you’re just not happy with, sure sometimes you can live with it but others eat […]