123smlcrop  ERP123

Flexible, affordable, comprehensive

ERP123 is not just software; it is an innovative approach to the ERP solution designed to reduce cost, reduce risk and deliver high quality results.  ERP123 provides highly functional ERP software and an exceptional package of training tools that support the implementation process.  And it is a proven solution for manufacturing, distribution, and logistics-based businesses

Built upon the SAP ASE (formerly Sybase) Database platform, ERP123 can handle high transaction volume levels, performs well over mobile applications, and is powerful enough to meet of the needs of any growing business.

ERP123 is a collaborative effort designed by IntegrateIT and built by PSI in Milton, Ontario, Canada

We now have tremendous control over what we do and it is starting to show up in increased profit margins. It paid for itself within just a few months…

Ron RoutledgeSpringland Manufacturing Ltd

As a small company, it became a critical need to put in a proper system to support the growth of our business to ensure proper inventory and production planning…

Rudy KoehlerInnotech Precision Inc.